’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Anfisa Gives Jorge An Ultimatum — Pay Me $10K A Month Or NO Wedding!

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'90 Day Fiance' Recap: Anfisa Gives Jorge An Ultimatum — Pay Me $10K Or No Wedding

Families clashed as cultures collided on last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance. Let’s catch up with the cross-cultural lovebirds.

Nicole and Azan

We rejoin Nicole and Azan right where we left them, after Nicole’s “big a little bit” arrival in Morocco. Love brought Nicole to Africa, and we watch her  and Azan check into their new digs. Public affection is illegal, but Nicole is pushing Azan hard to cave in to her desperate groping. Nicole is in heat, and wants Azan’s buddy to get lost, so she can jump and smother Azan in free American love. Nicole reminds us that sex is super-important, but Azan’s eyes say ‘YIKES,’ even though he “thinks” that he wants to “make sex” too. The next day, the deed is allegedly done, and Azan is proclaimed Nicole’s soulmate. Azan isn’t so sure, and looks like he is in a perpetual inner-cringe. The couple embarks on their day, and Nicole worries about Moroccan cuisine, while launching into ignorant cracks about the unfamiliar culture. Azan throws her some french fries, Nicole’s idea of the perfect vegetable. Azan floats the idea of health and exercise, which invites fresh glares from Nicole. Later the police show up at their love den, because of some beef with the owner, forcing the couple to pack and move to a different riad. This one has separate rooms, much to Azan’s relief. Azan lectures Nicole about keeping her oversexed  mitts off of him in public, and Nicole pouts like it’s an unthinkable request. The couple visits the Marrakech market, and Nicole is blown away by the colorful beauty. Nicole again gets frisky with Azan, forcing him to nudge her touchy-feely paws away. Nicole has a neediness flareup and pitches a mini-tantrum, because she is the type of gal who needs lots of “physical stuff.”  Azan walks her back to her room, but without the smooches, a melodramatic Nicole is sensing Azan’s cringes.

Matt and Alla

We check in with Matt and Alla, as Matt shares the joy of being a happy little family. Unfortunately, loser Matt didn’t grocery shop, and there is no food for the child. Matt is super excited to grocery shop as a family, and Alla is wondering if she would be better fed back in Ukraine. Alla gets frustrated with the grocery trek, and Matt just stands there and acts like he is too mentally slow to handle grabbing a bag of potatoes. Matt later brings Alla on a group date-night, and points out that his family is worried, because he is a three-time loser. Alla isn’t sure about the U.S. through jet-lag, and doesn’t appreciate being interviewed by Matt’s pushy brothers. Matt’s family and friends pummel Alla with questions, and Alla admits to dreaming about a life in America. She instantly realizes that her honesty sounds shady. Matt’s loved ones are concerned that Matt is no more than a way out, and Matt’s brother speaks up about the suspicion. Alla becomes upset at the communication breakdown, and escapes to the restroom to sniffle and feel sorry for herself. Her understanding of the language is not extensive, so she reiterates that she did she want out of Ukraine, but does wish to make a life with Matt — and that her fingers are crossed that #4 will be the charm. His family is obviously worried that Alla loves the idea of America, not a guy who can’t manage to have food for two houseguests. 

Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa are on their way back from the airport, and Jorge is over the moon. Jorge can’t wait to grow old with his Ukrainian love — but Anfisa grimaces at the word “old.” There is a meeting set up to meet his sisters, and Anfisa has the perfect slutty look planned. Jorge objects, because he wants his love to look angelic. Jorge is shacked up in a hotel, and Anfisa isn’t happy, because she can’t decorate with Jorge’s credit card. Jorge has kept some mysterious apartment thwarting secret from Anfisa, and Anfisa states truth when she says that Jorge better bust his hump to make her happy. We eavesdrop on a lawn chair kissy sesh, and Jorge asks her what she wants to be when she exits her prolonged adolescence. Anfisa reveals that she wants to be a model, in case all of the selfies hadn’t yet tipped Jorge off. Fame is the goal, and because modeling naked is the American way, Anfisa is shooting for Playboy. Hopefully people on the street will recognize her from the neck up, and want to be photographed with a TLC gold digger. Jorge says no way, because he makes plenty for her to whore around on Instagram without working. Anfisa begs to differ and demands $10k a month. Jorge knows that Anfisa is too cash-focused, but hopes that making it legal will simmer her shopping jitters. Anfisa explains that her overseas hissy fit stemmed from being denied a $10k bag — period. She repeatedly threatens Jorge that she will flounce back to Russia, if he keeps holding out on her.

'90 Day Fiance' Recap: Anfisa Gives Jorge An Ultimatum — Pay Me $10K Or No Wedding

Chantel and Pedro

It’s Chantel’s mom’s birthday, as we join the Atlanta couple. Pedro is set to meet her whole family, but there is a serious language barrier. The family meets Pedro, and her brother is immediately suspicious. Her mom greets Pedro warmly, but Pedro is worried about meeting her father. Chantel’s father arrives, and shares that he is concerned about Pedro’s intentions. He  asks Pedro questions about his student visa, which is non-existent. Her dad is also worried that Chantel is footing the bill for his fake studious stint in America. Pedro later meets up with Chantel’s brother, River, who questions him about the horror of living with his sister. The young men don’t trust each other — which tends to happen when there is a major language barrier. River simply thinks it’s abnormal for anyone to fall in love so fast — especially with his sister. Pedro admits that his sister doesn’t cook, but knows that she is his true love. River plays some quasi American thug, and is rude and obnoxious.

Next week, Nicole reveals a secret from her past, Anfisa models for the family, and a drunk Chantel grinds on another. Don’t miss it!


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