Kelly Dodd Is ‘Embarrassed’ To Call Meghan Edmonds A Friend #RHOC

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Kelly Dodd is shocked by the behavior of her Real Housewives of Orange County castmates. Shocked! 

The fact that Shannon and Meghan Edmonds refused to interrupt their golf game to visit Vicki Gunvalson in the hospital.

“The calls that we made to Meghan and later to Shannon were shocking to us. Wow, we were surprised how little empathy they had for Vicki. Heather and I knew Vicki didn’t have a purse or a change of clothes. I was just expecting them to go over there to see if she perhaps needed anything.”

Kelly and Heather headed back to camp and drank to calm their nerves.

“You are probably wondering why we didn’t drive four hours to get to the hospital in Palm Springs. I did plead with the helicopter crew to accompany Vicki on the flight to the hospital, but there was no room. As for driving there, I was still shaken up and not up for a three to four hour car trip. …it would have taken us hours to pack up our campsite.”

Despite their friendship, Kelly wagged the finger of shame toward Meghan.

Meghan understood that we wanted her and/or Shannon to visit Vicki and be there in her time of need. They were close by. It would have been easy for them. While she professed later to not understand the severity of the accident, in my view anytime someone has to be life-flighted from an accident it tells you all you need to know.”

Hmm. She does have a point. I hate it when that happens!

“At the time we placed the first call to Meghan, to ask her to make the relatively short trip over to the hospital to support Vicki, I thought that Meghan and Vicki‘s relationship was in a better place since she attended Vicki’s birthday party.”

After the sushi restaurant fiasco, Meghan told Kelly she behaved badly. Oh, how the tables have turned.

“I hate to say it, but in that moment, I was embarrassed to call Meghan my friend based upon how she reacted to Vicki being injured in the crash… I also don’t understand why Meghan took so long to tell Shannon about the accident and Vicki being life-flighted to Palm Springs?”

When Meghan realized she looked like heartless shrew, she quickly backpedaled.

“As Heather said, Meghan tried to do some cleanup and a little revisionist history. In the process, she wisely went to visit Vicki to lend support and apologize. Vicki…then being the gracious person she is, accepted Meghan’s apology.”

Of course, Kelly expected nothing from Shannon. Their feud is still going strong.

“Given my rocky relationship with Shannon from the start, I wasn’t surprised in the least that Shannon would have little empathy for Vicki because it seems she can’t let go of the grudge she has towards her… So, by now its well documented that Meghan and Shannon decided to snub Vicki.”

But from Kelly’s perspective, something good has come from this Glamis tragedy.

“We all know that a crisis often brings people together. We see all the time in natural disasters…Heather, Vicki, Tamra and I became much closer and shared the bond of that harrowing experience. You see our bond and camaraderie throughout the episode.”

Lines have been drawn. Teams have been chosen. I’ll be interested to see if it stays this way for the rest of the season or if Kelly has another meltdown. What’s your take?   

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