90 Day Fiance’s Anfisa Tells Beau Jorge She Plans to Pose Naked: ‘I Want to Be Famous’

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It doesn’t take long for 90 Day Fiance player, Anfisa, to unleash her inner-Kardashian, as her journey towards wedded bliss continues. Tonight, the Russian diva reveals that she wants to be “famous” to her American boyfriend, Jorge. Evidently, the glut of social media selfies hadn’t tipped Jorge off — however viewers saw this coming, all the way from Russia. In a preview clip, Anfisa and Jorge discuss a reasonable monthly allowance, and Anfisa reveals that she is up for nude modeling.

“I want to be a model,” Anfisa tells Jorge. “Like bikini model. … Like a Playboy model.” She further explains her aspirations to the viewers. “I would like to be a model because I want to be famous. I want people to know me. I want people on the streets to know me, to want to take a picture with me.”

Anfisa was already exposed as a spoiled brat, when she deleted the  contents of Jorge’s phone, and shut him out of his own email, after being denied a $10k handbag. Jorge is concerned about Anfisa’s money-grubbing ways, but hopes that marriage will bring her down to earth.

“Anfisa comes off as a little bit too focused on money,” Jorge says. “I’m hoping she’ll grow out of that phase once we get married.”

The lovebirds clash when Anfisa explains why she didn’t leave Russia to join Jorge’s wallet, in the states.

“You were pissing me off,” Anfisa tells him. “Then I changed my mood because I don’t have to stay here — I can go back to Russia if I don’t like something. I thought that I can come and see how things are here, and if anything [goes wrong], I can go back.”

Join Jorge and Anfisa as the countdown continues, on 90 Day Fiance, tonight at 9 pm ET, on TLC.


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