‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Who Won Final HoH Round 2 Comp #Spoilers

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: Who Won Final HoH Round 2 Comp

Pop The Cork, Paul! Big Brother is almost ready to crown another winner! The final 3 celebrate making it to final 3. Paul is also celebrating sending his biggest threat off to the jury house. He has a clear path to the 500k! And boy has he worked hard for it. James agrees. Sending Corey to the jury house over Nicole was the best move in his opinion. It was his time to go. Apparently, her boy toy’s eviction lit a fire under Nicole’s butt. She didn’t come this far for third place. She’s ready to win.

Violins and sad music. Nicole’s sad the man who holds her heart is gone. He left his pillow so at least that’s a plus. Something for her to cuddle with during those cold nights ahead. She says it’s scary. There are big decisions to be made and she has to make them alone. She misses him dearly. You know, because she won’t see him in less than a week. But then, Nicole doesn’t know how to play the game without a man next to her.

While Nicole cries over losing her soulmate, Paul’s securing his spot in final 2. Paul had to take care of some business. He convinced James they have better odds if they took eachother to the final 2. But he didn’t limit the deals to only James. Did he make a final 2 deal with Nicole too? Nicole looks like her dog died so I’m pretty sure she rather be downstairs boinking goat boy. But like she said, she didn’t come this far to for third place. Paul’s basically saying anything and everything to make it to the end. He says he really owes them nothing. James plans on honoring the deal he made. Nicole….eh, not so much.

Now that we have that finale talk out of the way, time to toast over Big Brother provided breakfast and reminisce about the Summer. They ooh and ah the “baby table” and the nice big breakfast.

Ah, the reminiscing starts with the emotional side of the game. You know, the side that makes you nuts. Oh yeah, Tiffany, we’re talking about you! How can we not? She was nuttier than a fruitcake and I wasn’t sad to see her go. But “Big Meech” Michelle cried over everything and anything. If you eat the last piece of candy Michelle started sobbing. Paulie cries over butterflies and Nicole sobs over her lack of Math skills. Corey couldn’t help cracking up over that one because she was being ridiculous.

Ah, Paulie’s super douche behavior couldn’t be skipped. Flashback to  his with his war with Natalie. You know, the one that ends with Super douche and his sidekick goat boy slow clapping. Then the segment proceeds to the incident with firecracker Michelle telling him to go screw himself.

Forget the sad & douchey. Let’s talk about the fun times. All the laughs and pranks led by Captain Camo. The boys led the pranks but the girls got a little revenge on the sleeping pranksters. I mean, James did get his crocs stolen. But then who wears crocs anymore?

Yep, they went there. The crazy/emotional and sometimes inappropriate Diary Room Sessions. I think it doubled as a looney bin. Do they have sedatives in a bowl like candy in there? They sure need em.

Cheers to the showmances and the weird bromance. Paul/Victor bicker like a married couple but then that’s why we love them. How can you not? They’re hilarious together. Big Thanks to Vic for teaching James Spanish! He butchered it but it’s the thought that counts.

The biggest, baddest showmance this Summer was Nicorey. It was also the grossest showmance since Mccranda. They loved, they hated, Nicole drooled, they boinked like bunnies. I give it about 4 months max.

What the ever living crap? I must have missed Bridgette’s best friend Mr. Jenkins the basil plant. When your only ally leaves, befriend a plant. They don’t talk back and appreciate it when you water them. I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face when she explained to Corey/Nicole how he gets hungry so she gives him some of her coffee.

Michelle was a grumpy cat in the morning and she loved her cat naps. Apparently, Corey put a saucer of milk by Michelle’s bed every morning. Corey’s such a great dad. The reason Corey calls her a cat is because her name is “mi-chelle,” she’s either hyper or she’s sleeping. Is she really purring or is that a sound effect? I can’t tell. But Michelle loves her neck rubs. Rub her the right way or she’ll freak out on you.

Victor was known for his deep, jolly laugh. Paul was infamous for yelling at his fellow houseguests. But then, Paul also kept it interesting.

Finally, we’re left with the first part of the final HOH Comp. This would’ve been a perfect comp for Michelle. Silly cat costumes, kitty litter, milk, and a stuffed mouse. It’s an endurance comp.

Paul won the first round which left Nicole and James to battle for this next challenge — Nicole won!


Find out who takes home the $500k grand prize and the honor of being America’s Favorite Houseguest on Wednesday’s finale!


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