‘Meghan Was Clear On The Severity of The Accident’ Heather Dubrow Blasts Meghan Edmonds Over Glamis Accident!

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Heather Dubrow was all shades of angry in the latest Real Housewives of Orange County episode. After the accident, she expected Shannon Beador and Meghan Edmonds to rush to Vicki Gunvalson’s side and offer comfort. When that didn’t happen, they felt the wrath of Fancy Pants.

“I can’t believe how long it took Meghan to tell Shannon about the accident, Meghan was very clear from our call and subsequent texts on the severity of the accident. I assumed that when Shannon arrived Meghan would tell her and then call me. That’s why I got so fired up.”

On top of that, Meghan never called to ask if Heather had survived her ordeal.

“I wanted to have lunch with Meghan because we are friends. We both deserved the opportunity to vent and hash it out… I feel bad about the comment I made about Meghan being reckless getting pregnant. Not even sure what I meant, I was just annoyed and lashed out. I’m sorry if that hurt you Meghan.”

Once the red, hazy cloud of anger disappeared, Heather finally understood why Shannon skipped out on visiting Vicki. But Meghan… That’s another story.

“She thought it was no big deal, so of course she wouldn’t rush over there. They aren’t friends and it makes no sense. Meghan had just been at Vicki‘s house for her birthday and brought her a gift. Again, that’s why I couldn’t get over the non-responsive attitude.”

Heather explains why she didn’t  flee the desert in order to be at Vicki’s side.

“If you are asking why I didn’t go to the hospital, several reasons: I had my son with me, I had no car, Tamra‘s kids were at camp, I had just been in an accident, and was in shock. I went back to camp and waited for information from Tamra and then Vicki to figure out what to do.”

Meghan maintained that Heather could have gotten a ride back. If she’d really wanted to.

“I had already had a car set up for the next day to take me and Nicky home, but called them and asked them to come that day. By the time the driver actually got on the road and got to camp it was several hours later.”

So, there. Take that, Meghan!

Do you feel like Heather somehow made the accident all about herself? And are you buying the PTSD claim?


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