Vicki Gunvalson Is ‘Exhausted’ with Shannon Beador Linking Her To Brooks’ Cancer Lie #RHOC

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, is exhausted about her former bestie, Shannon Beador‘s inability to let go of last year’s Brooks cancer scandal. Vicki expressed her frustrations in her recent Bravo blog. She wrote,

“I’m so completely exhausted about Shannon continuing to say I lied about cancer… I’ve told her multiple times to call my ex-boyfriend if she wants to continue to talk about this… For those of you that haven’t read his “statement” he did with People magazine back in March…He clearly states in there that I was never in on a cancer scam so I really wish that this would stop.”

Should Shannon have gone to the hospital? Probably. And Vicki’s still pissed about it.

“I was truly sick to my stomach watching this episode as it pertained to Shannon. This woman has zero compassion and her true colors really showed. I have to say even in the state of our friendship now, I absolutely would have driven 45 minutes to be with her if the roles were reversed.”

Vicki insists that she downplayed her injuries from the accident in Glamis to avoid accusations she exaggerated her medical state. 

“The accident was one of the scariest things I have ever been through. It’s hurtful for anyone to say I exaggerated any of my injuries for attention. I actually downplayed my injuries because I was afraid of anyone saying I was exaggerating my injuries for attention.”

Tamra and Briana are now questioning whether Vicki was really hurt.

“I had to take a few weeks off of work, had numerous doctor visits, multiple MRI’s, CT scans and physical therapy sessions to stay on top of the healing process and the injury. I have a file of doctor’s reports and tests that show my injuries. I had never had a concussion before, and Tamra’s description of how she felt was spot on.”

Vicki was glad the other ladies had her back. Because of this accident, she’s now back in their good graces.

“Watching the girls handle the situation the way they did was heartwarming and also shocking. For Tamra, Heather and Kelly to react to Shannon and Meghan the way they did by not going to the hospital to be with me was really nice to see.”

But once Meghan extended the candle of friendship, Vicki bestowed her forgiveness.

“I appreciated Meghan coming over to my house a few days later and giving me her side of the story and the lack of information that was relayed to her. I chose at this time in my life NOT to carry grudges, forgive when asked for forgiveness…”

“I told the ladies on the phone when they were back at camp that my clothes were cut off me and I was alone. I had no purse, no shoes and no clothes. I went home from the hospital in a paper top and bottoms because those ladies elected NOT to run by a store and grab me something to wear even after they knew my condition.”

So, how long will this truce between Vicki and the other women last? 


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