Kim Zolciak Denies Having Plastic Surgery—Credits Makeup Artist For New Face!

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann from Don’t Be Tardy fame and Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out joined host, Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live.

We saw a flashback of Kim from her Real Housewives of Atlanta days, when her girls were small. Now Brielle is nineteen and tending the “milk and cookies” bar at the clubhouse. Kim’s little girl is all grown up.

On tonight’s Real Housewives of New York, Andy asked the ladies if they would want to know if their partner cheated. He asked the same question of Kim and Jeff. Jeff said:

“I would like to know. So that I could look the other way, blame that person, and then just pretend like it never happened.”

Was that a dig at Luann? Methinks it was! Then Andy noted that Bethenny Frankel didn’t take part in the group hug. Was it a case of strep throat or was she allergic to her castmates? Jeff gave his opinion.

“I don’t know why she didn’t hug. I think she should have. We can fake it, right?”

Tonight on Don’t Be Tardy, Kim’s youngest daughter, Kaia, is a complete diva. She refused to smile for the camera as she cruised around in her pink mini-convertible.

Andy admitted that the last time Kim was on WWHL, he wondered what had happened to her face. He took the opportunity to grill her once again on her nose. Kim denied it all.

“I have a new makeup artist.”

Jeff threw her a life preserver.

“It could be the contouring, like the Kardashians do.”

Kim defended her new look when Andy flashed a picture of her from the old days.

“I didn’t contour. I did my own makeup back then. Look at my eyebrows, they’re like a line. What happened?”

Tonight on part three of the RHONY reunion, Sonja Morgan was still upset about not being invited to the Berkshires. She hopped off the couch and stormed off, claiming she didn’t want to be on the show anymore. Andy had to soothe her wounded ego. Jeff was glued to RHONY this season.

“I do love the drama. It was one of the best seasons of any Housewives, I think.”

Kim said, “That’s a lie.” But she’d only seen clips of the show.

Jeff continued:

“It was so much better than any Atlanta season.”

Kim sniped back:

“We didn’t have the highest ratings for no reason.”

There was a rumor that Kim was returning to her RHOA roots. Not true.

Nene texted me last week and said, ‘Are you going to be on Housewives this season?’ I wrote back, ‘No, are you, doll?’ She wrote back, ‘That’s not what I heard.’ …within two hours my phone’s going nuts and she says Kim is going to be on Housewives. Weird, and I’m not going to be.”

Kim is interested in having a seventh baby. So tonight, Kim and Kroy headed to the doctor’s office to see if she can freeze her eggs. Also, Kroy could get jabbed with a sperm-seeking needle. Just what every man wants to hear.

Jeff gave his candid opinion on his fellow Bravocelebs in a segment called Jeff the Ref.

Did Bethenny Frankel’s delivery method of the Tom Bomb seem harsh? “I don’t think she could have done it any better.”

Shannon Beador and Meghan Edmonds refused to visit Vicki Gunvalson in the ER after her Glamis accident. “Absolutely should have gone. I texted Shannon, and I said, ‘You should have gone to the hospital.’”

Bethenny’s slut shaming Luann de Lesseps. “I don’t approve. I don’t approve of that.”

Shannon’s 70s party ended in a screamfest between her and Kelly Dodd. Guess whose side Jeff took? “I think Shannon.”

Luann blaming herself and their argument for Tom’s cheating ways. “That actually was shocking to me that she now has somehow taken accountability for this.”

Kelly calling Shannon the c-word during the sushi dinner. “Not appropriate, Andy.”

Teresa Giudice calling jail “camp.” “Don’t care what she calls it. Don’t care. Call it whatever she wants to call it.”

Kim is very open with her kids. She shares her advice for others.

“I just feel like that people that have the time to kind of write the crap really have nothing going on because I definitely don’t have the time to do that. So, just do you, be you, and keep it moving.”

Viewers wanted to know why Kim and Brielle have had so many mother-daughter lip injections.

“First of all, Brielle is an adult. She’s almost twenty, so talk to her. And then, why not? Shoot it up. I’m trying to look like Jeff.”

Brielle has always complained about her lips. Kim said: 

“I’m going to take you to the best if you’re going to do it.”

Kroy got cut from the Buffalo Bills. Where is he headed next? 

“He was just in…can I say? Tampa. Met with Tampa, which should be awesome for him because his old coach is there. He’s had multiple things, so we’ll see.”

Kim and the kids won’t be following.

“Unfortunately, KJ’s in kindergarten. Kash is in pre-K. It’s like college tuition, honey, so they will be going Monday thru Friday in Georgia.”

When Jenni Pulos appeared with Kelly Dodd on WWHL, things got chilly. Since Jenni and Shannon are friends, did that affect the way she treated Kelly? Jeff said no.

“I don’t think Shannon told Jenni what to do. I just think Jenni is close to Shannon also, heard a lot of stories, and I think that’s kind of what happened.”

Jeff and his partner, Gage, have a very disproportionate relationship. Jeff seems to have all the power. Is it that way off camera, as well?

“I don’t think Gage doesn’t win on camera. I give in a lot. Way more than I should.”

Kim is still friendly with some of her former RHOA castmembers.

Sheree and I talk a lot. She’s really sweet. And Nene and I talk, too. I mean she texts me, and I tell her this, and she says something else, so I don’t know.”

Jeff refuses to give up the name of his baby.

“I would tell everybody, but out of respect for Gage, he wants to leave the name private until the baby is born. Otherwise, I would tell you in two seconds.”

The baby is due in five weeks, and Jeff is getting stressed.

“I don’t want to talk about it because I get nervous.”

Kim weighed in on Cynthia Bailey’s divorce from Peter.

Cynthia and I were never really close. I don’t want to ever hear anybody getting divorced. I just think it’s terrible all the way around.”

Jeff said, “Wasn’t it a long time coming?”

Um, yes. Yes, it was.

Brielle is thinking about her future. She’s still planning on school, but is thinking about a technical broadcast school. She’s been doing some things on the side while she looks at universities—entertainment reporting mostly. And she has a boyfriend.

Andy asked if Brielle’s long hair was real. She proved it by flipping it upside down.

A caller asked Jeff to say three nice things about Heather Durbrow.

“I think that she is bright. I think she’s articulate. And I think she’s attractive. But can I tell you something? This little tiff did not have to morph into what it did had she not lied on Access Hollywood, and I’d actually like to try her here in Watch What Happens Live court. And I’m going to charge her with perjury and character assignation and Kim, because she’s a celebrity, has agreed to be the star witness.”

On a sneak peek of Flipping Out, Zoila is moving out of Jeff’s house. But Jeff gives us hope.

“I’m going to fix this, people. I’m going to fix it. Don’t worry. I miss her as much as you do. I’m sad. I hate even seeing it. I’m going to fix it.”

Kim and Khloe Kardashian have become good buddies.

“I just adore her. Her energy is like no other. She’s like Michael Strahan, I felt the same way when I met him. I just felt like this Long Island Medium…this energy from people, certain people, and Khloe was that way.”

Andy asked if Kim and Michael were pals.

“No, but when I met him on Good Morning America, he talked about my husband, but his energy is so like, schoom. I felt like it’s so…I feel energy.”

The gay shark showed up and everyone danced at the end of the show. Watching Jeff bounce up and down in a very bored way was the best part of the night. Even his moves are sarcastic.

So, what did you make of the season opener of Don’t Be Tardy? Can you believe it’s already the finale of Flipping Out? And lastly, were there any winners in the RHONY reunion this year? What’s your take?

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