‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Who Was Evicted & Who Are The Final 3 [Episode 40]

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With the finale only a week away, emotions are running high. The Veto winner will determine who will cast the sole vote to evict. Who will win the most important Veto of the Summer? Who will join the jury and who will make it to the final 3? Find out right now!

So, I guess we’re picking up where we left off last night. Paul won HOH. He’s so excited he jumps around then tears of joy flood the backyard. Paul made it to the final 3. A huge accomplishment because he had to fight almost every single week to stay in the game. It was a wild ride. 6 nominations, a great social game and it’s all paying off right now. Paul dedicates his win to Victor.

It seems Paul isn’t the only one who’s surprised. Corey says he won HOH last week, nominated/evicted Victor.  Then what happens? Victor’s best friend becomes the new HOH. You go from hero to zero in a flash.

Get ready for the tears and whining. Nicole’s freaking out. She actually has to get out of bed and play Big Brother! Oh No! Paul would be crazy not to put Nicorey on the block.

James is happy Paul won HOH. I guess Paul/James had a little chat last night. It went like this: Nicorey betrayed both of them. Boohoo, their friend/showmance got the boot. Let’s team up and go after the only duo left in the game.

During his DR session, Paul confirms he’s putting Nicorey on the block. It’s revenge/good strategy. He knows it’s super important for James/Paul to win the Veto.

Jump straight to the nomination ceremony. Ready to celebrate? Paul nominates Nicole/Corey. They’re a powerful couple. This is actually Nicole’s first nomination this season. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Nicole throws a little tantrum. She’s not happy Corey’s joking around about the nominations.

Darn it! I ran out of popcorn! The Jury house exploded tonight. Be kind rewind. Let’s start from the beginning. It’s art time for the jurors (except Paulie.) They’re painting, drawing reminding me of the Preschoolers I used to teach. Michelle painted a picture she called “a snicole.” It’s basically a snake with blonde hair and glasses. The Jury house segment is SO scripted. Everyone’s speculating about the next jury member. Then Natalie bursts in the door bringing positivity to the jury house. She plays the edited version of last week’s activities and adds a bit of commentary.

Da’vonne confirms what Zaulie fans have been dreaming about since week 1. Paul/Zakiyah are getting busy while the other jurors bond over not so naughty hobbies. Things start going south when Michelle makes a little comment about Paulie saving Zakiyah. Apparently, Paulie feels like his new “girlfriend” is being treated terribly by the other girls because she chose to talk to him again. Da’vonne says, “Paulie, you have to be at least 6’ft to talk to me. Shut the hell up!”  It escalates quickly into a full blown argument. Paulie and Da’vonne start yelling at eachother. Da’vonne says Paulie only speaks to women like their second class citizens. Da’vonne explodes when Paulie mentioned something about being a horrible example for her daughter. Hey, you would too! Mama bears always protect their cubs. Especially when a giant douche brings your toddler up after calling his/her mother trash. Da’vonne says Zakiyah dumped their relationship down the drain for the egotistical jerk. Da’vonne gets all up in his face. Bridgette seems to enjoy Da’vonne giving Paulie what he deserves. She jumps in with some words of encouragement for Zakiyah but she doesn’t wanna hear it. Production actually has to step in and separate them because Da’vonne looks like she wants to smack the crap out of Paulie. I’d kill to watch Paulie cry like a baby again.

What happened when Victor joined the explosive jury? Well, Da’vonne’s had a few days to think about her showdown with the douche. She’s very disappointed with herself. Paulie pulled her out of character. Put a fork in her friendship with Zakiyah, it’s done. If Paulie/Zakiyah want to separate themselves, so be it. She’s chasing no one. Paulie feels the tension but it doesn’t bother him. He doesn’t care.

Moving on to the new juror speculation portion of the segment. Everyone wants Victor to make it to the end. So, they’re surprised and disappointed when he walks through the door. They applaud Victor for playing a great game. Third time’s a charm. Victor has no regrets. He puts in the tape and plays it for the jury. The jurors love the BB comics. Michelle especially loves hers. She says she may even buy a pink onesie. Da’vonne has no hate for great gamers. Nicole’s game has been excellent. She may even win the who shebang.

I don’t have to go any further into how important the Veto is this week. It would be redundant. So, let’s get right into the game. Peanuts, hot dogs, pretzels! A Baseball-Themed Veto Comp? The Pranksters (James) vs. The Pelicans (Paul) vs. The Reindeer (Do I have to say who this is?) vs. The Coconuts (Nicole) This is a field of dreams for Professional Baseball Player Corey. In each round, the announcer will reveal an event that happened in the BB house this Summer. The players have to figure out what day that event happened. After the crack of the bat, the players have to run the bases (1st base-1 point. 2nd base-2 points 3rd base-3 points Home base- 4 points) until they reach the numerical day that event happened. If they don’t want their counter to advance, step on the zero button. Once they reach the correct day, they have to give the umpire a high five to see if they’re right. Answer correctly, your number will flash. If your answer is wrong, the counter is reset and they have to start all over again. The last player to answer correctly gets a strike. 3 strikes you’re eliminated from the competition.

Surprise Surprise, James is the first player eliminated. The other three fight hard. The winner of the final POV is Paul! Revenge is sweet, isn’t it? Did Paul use it? Nope, he sticks to his guns. Nicorey needs to be broken up. The only question is, which one will go and which one will make the final 3?

James is the sole vote to evict. How the hell did that happen? Corey/Nicole’s “save me speech’s” make me want to vomit. They express how much they love eachother. Where’s the bleach? I need some for my eyes!

Anyway, James stands up and casts his vote. He voted to evict Corey. When he walks out, Nicole says she loves him. He wishes her good luck. Whelp, he doesn’t love her quite yet. Have no fear! Nicorey fans will cheer them on and pray they become the next Jeff/Jordan or Brenchel.

Corey faces The Chenbot. He’s surprised James voted to evict him. Why? They discussed this last night on the feeds. Julie asks if he made the right move. Corey says yes and no. He’s cheering for his showmance Nicole. He gushes about how much Nicole deserves to be in the final 3. Moving onto his strategy. She asks a few questions about laying low the first part of the game than jumping in and winning comps in the last few weeks. He says he knew he would be a target because he’s athletic. After the Double Eviction, he jumped in with both feet. He says he’ll be best friends with Nicole no matter what. Their romantic relationship may or may not continue in the future.

Tune in Friday for a special episode. The first part of the final HOH competition will begin. Then tune in Wednesday for the finale!    


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