EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson Reveals Why Her Kids Did Not Visit Her After Terrifying ATV Crash

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'RHOC' Vicki Gunvalson Reveals Why Her Kids Did Not Visit Her After Terrifying ATV Crash

Real Housewives of Orange County veteran, Vicki Gunvalson, has much to be grateful for after surviving a frightening ATV wreck — a close-call captured by Bravo cameras.  

Vicki spoke exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.Com — sharing details from the traumatic event. The near-fatal Glamis Dunes accident landed the injured Gunvalson alone in a Palm Springs hospital. Vicki now explains why her son Michael, and daughter Briana, did not make the trip to be by her side.

“At the time of the accident, Briana was dealing with her own medical problems, as you’ve witnessed on the show.” Vicki tells AllAboutTheTea.Com, “She offered to come to the hospital to be with me, but I did not want her to have to drag the babies to the hospital alone since Ryan was out of town. And as for  Michael, he was out of town at a convention, on behalf of Coto Insurance.”

Vicki was accused by some of her co-stars of embellishing her injuries for sympathy — an allegation she staunchly denies. 

“At no point did I exaggerate my injuries,” Vicki explains. “Heather and Kelly went to my follow-up neurologist appointment with me, and they heard first-hand from the doctor how severe the injuries were.”  

Tamra JudgeHeather Dubrow anKelly Dodd were also in the wreck, and supported Vicki throughout her agonizing ordeal. Unfortunately, Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds showed little concern.

“As I said in my blog, Meghan was kind enough to visit me at home during the three weeks that I had to take off from work,” explains Vicki, adding that “the other girls were wonderful…except for one.”

Shannon slammed Vicki in a recent episode — nastily accusing Vicki of taking selfies at the crash site. Shannon wrote in her Bravo blog, “I was shocked at dinner when Meghan showed me selfie pics that Vicki had taken of herself. If I were injured, that would be the least of my concerns.”

Vicki was obviously in no position to take selfie photos after the accident — and she shoots down Shannon’s accusation.

“You can’t take selfies when your arms are strapped to a spine board,” Vicki points out. 

The harrowing experience has been an eye-opening one for Vicki, and she shares that she has given up the idea of any sort of relationship with Shannon Beador.

“I’m cleansing my life of negativity, and honestly, I don’t care if I see her [Shannon Beador] again,” Vicki says.

Shannon has tirelessly reminded anyone within earshot that she no longer wants to be Vicki’s friend. Action, or in this case, non-action spoke louder than words. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday, on Bravo. 


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