Submissive Or Career Housewife? Will The REAL Melissa Gorga Please Stand Up! #RHONJ

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Melissa Gorga’s renewed presence on The Real Housewives of New Jersey veered the reality star in a brand new career direction this season.

Functioning as a wife, mother, felon ass-kisser reconciler and full-time career gal can’t be easy, but Melissa is determined to bring home the bacon, and stand on her own. At least for a season.

Melissa’s first Bravo-boosted shot at a career target was aimed at a singing career. Who could forget her little hubby dancing around at her mini promo-concerts, or her fancy recording studio? Melissa was “On Display,” making her childhood dream come true — at least for a season.

Her next venture is what makes her current storyline even more of a head-scratcher. Melissa, determined to compete with her successful sis-in-law, decided to become an author. She had a book published called Love, Italian Style The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage — a work described on Amazon as a Bravoleb sharing “her (and his) secrets to relationship success ― generations-tested old-fashioned values served up with a modern, sexy twist.” Melissa promised to “Gorganize” her readers’ relationships, and help them “amp up the passion for lifelong bliss.” As a side note, the book has been reviewed 414 times, and averages a two star rating.


In 2013, Melissa gushed that she “needs” her husband. She wrote in her Bravo blog,

“You bet I need him, and he needs me,” she retorts. “I’m proud of that!…Again, I defy any couple in a happy marriage to say they don’t need their spouse. If independence is a matter of principle for women, then why get married at all? Saying ‘I don’t need anyone’ might make some women feel happy, secure, and superior. Not me. I love being married and depending on Joe, just as he loves being married and depending on me. Our need for each other doubles our joy and halves our pain.”

After being shoved out of the spotlight for a year, Melissa exited the criminal fog with a new angle. What a difference a year makes! Consider her transformation, and be amazed.

OLD Melissa wrote, “When gender roles are confused, sexual roles are, too. If he’s at the sink and then changing diapers, then who throws down in the bed? In our marriage, Joe is always the man, doing masculine things. I’m the woman, and I do the female things, including housework.”

NEW Melissa says, “It’s really important to me, especially as a mother to a little girl, it is important to me to have your own personal successes in life. I am here trying to break that old school traditional Italian mentality of like being with the kids, and make me dinner.”

NEW Melissa says, “Joe has that old school mentality, the husband and the wife, and the roles that they play. That’s what Joe’s parents are. It is going too be difficult for me to have to figure out how to be a modern woman and go into the work field, but keep those traditional values. Because they really don’t go together.”

OLD Melissa wrote, “I don’t care if the woman makes more money than the man, if he’s a janitor and she’s the president. After a fourteen-hour workday, if a man comes home and there’s no dinner on the table, and his wife is on the phone, watching TV, or on the computer ignoring him, he won’t feel respected.”

NEW Melissa says, “You’re old school! You want me to stay home!”

Joe Gorga comments, “Thank you Jesus. There is a home cooked meal. There hasn’t been a home cooked meal in months. Months!”

Below are some videos of the old Melissa. Press play.

Melissa is throwing careers at a Bravo stamped wall, and seeing what sticks. Traditional — modern — tomatoes, tomahtoes. Will the real Melissa Gorga please stand up?


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