‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Houseguests Get A Surprise Eviction & A New HOH Is Crowned [Episode 39]

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Tuesday night’s Big Brother is jam-packed. The Veto Competition will be played, a Veto Ceremony will take place, either Paul/Victor will be evicted and a new HOH will be crowned. Only a week left until the finale!

Victor and Paul got stabbed in the back again. This time, the knife is courtesy of Nicorey. Corey uses his DR time to justify his nominations. He lists all of Paul/Victor’s strengths. It’s like déjà vu for Paul. They trust, they make alliances. Then the people they trust most stab them in the back. Just another day in the Big Brother house. Corey couldn’t look Paul in the face during the nominations. Instead of “Mama ain’t raised no bitch” Corey should’ve said, “Mama raised a coward.” Victor’s played a pretty emotional game. He lost all respect for Nicorey. He looks genuinely crushed.

While Paul and Victor are downstairs removing the knives from their backs, it’s a different story for the HOH Suite. Nicorey and James are throwing themselves a little celebration. Nicole makes James promise he won’t use the Veto if he happens to win it. James thinks he’s in a golden spot but he doesn’t realise he’s a weak player. Hello, James. This is reality speaking. Don’t celebrate yet. You made it this far because you spent the Summer in bed, not because you’re a master gamer.

The celebration ends, for the most part, leaving James upstairs because he’s scared of the big meanies Victor/Paul. He doesn’t even want to leave the safety of the HOH Suite to make himself an omelette. Nicole asks, “What can we do? We’re down to final five.” They can’t be that mad, can they? James says they slammed the Safari Room door like 13-year-old teenage girls. Yep, according to James, Victor/Paul are throwing a tantrum.

Victor and Paul sit in the Safari Room defeated. Victor says, “America, we just got bleeped.” Victor isn’t mad he’s on the block. He’s mad Nicorey put him on the block. He thought he could trust them. Paul goes back into game mode. He thinks he may be able to work his magic on Nicorey. Victor wants no part of that. He promises to be standoffish. That way they know where his line is. Paul leaves angry Victor wallowing downstairs while he goes upstairs to find out why Nicorey backstabbed him.

Paul walks in like the nominations didn’t faze him. He completely understands why he was nominated. No time for the B.S. Paul wants to know if Nicorey’s still open to working with them if one of them wins the Veto. Corey lists all Paul/Victor’s Big Brother accomplishments. He doesn’t come straight out and say no, but it’s implied. Paul switches tactics. He explains how hurt Victor is right now. Corey wants to make things right so he summons Victor up to his kingdom. Victor pulls no punches. He can’t be friends with Nicorey (in the house anyway.) He lost all respect for them. If he stays, he promises they will be his targets. Welcome to Big Brother! Paul says nothing. In the past, he steps in to calm Victor down but since they’re both on the block, he’s going to lay low.

Victor and Paul have one more chance to save themselves. Yep, I’m talking about The POV Competition. The houseguests became Big Brother Comics! The players will compete individually. Big Brother will call them into the backyard when it’s time to play. Here’s how the comp is played: The players will fly by the BB comic store and memorize the new comics. Then, they have to match the comic/position/order. The winner will be determined after everyone finishes. The player who finished in the fastest time wins The Power Of Veto!

All the houseguests this season have their very own printed comic based on their personality. Nicole practically drools all over Corey’s because “he looks so cuuuutee!” James looks like he wants to hump Natalie’s comic. If he’s honest with himself, he knows she won’t give him the time of day after the season ends. Corey drools over his own comic. No, his comic isn’t about goats. It’s about his favorite holiday, Christmas!

Nicole Won The Power Of Veto!

No time for anymore BB Alumni commentary. The winner of BB16, Derrick, gives his analysis of the season. He talks about the duos making it this far, his predictions on winners, and how wonderful his bestie Nicole is. Of course, he wants her to win. Although he says it’s about time a woman won, not because Nicole happens to be his friend. Whatever. Let’s get back to the game, shall we?

As predicted, Nicole didn’t use the Power Of Veto. Paul and Victor remain on the block. Paul refuses to campaign against his best friend Victor. That’s real friendship.

Upstairs Nicorey and James debate who they want to send packing. Nicole asks who the bigger threat is. She adds, they’re decision could come back and bite them on the butt. Nice, Nicole. Corey sees Victor as a bigger threat. He was evicted twice and he’s a big comp beast. They go into why Paul should be evicted. He has a great social game, he’s smart and he could talk his way out of almost anything.

Paul/Victor battled side-by-side all Summer. They were allies, friends and brothers. One of them is off to the jury house tonight. But before the houseguests vote live, Victor and Paul are given one more chance to convince the others they’re worth saving. Paul goes first. His speech is hilarious! He gets some inspiration from previous speeches. Then he adds his own little twist to it. Victor does a bit of the same but his speech is toned down quite a bit. Everyone laughs. Paul/Victor were two of the most hated houseguests in the beginning. Now they’re fan favorites.

The votes are in. It’s unanimous. Victor was evicted from the house for the third time.

Victor sits down for another Chenbot interview. Julie uses the line, “We have to stop meeting like this.” She throws a few questions at him. Nothing that different from his other evictions.

Phew! This has been a busy night! The HOH Comp is titled, “What The Bleep?” The set reminds me of those 60’s-70’s game shows. You know the ones on The Gameshow Network? It came down to a tie-breaker question. Paul/Nicole had to answer a question with a numeric answer. The closest to the correct number (without going over) wins HOH! Paul won HOH! He started dancing all over the place. We’re right with ya, Paul.

Remember The Big Brother nights have changed. Due to Thursday Night Football, the live Eviction’s on Wednesday! Next Wednesday is the live finale!

Did you know there’s going to be a brand new season of Big Brother?


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