Bethenny Frankel Walks Out of ‘RHONY’ Reunion Over Luann de Lesseps — LIVE Reunion Chat!

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A preview clip of tonight’s conclusion of Real Housewives of New York reunion, reveals Bethenny Frankel in the hot-seat.

Luann de Lesseps keeps it cool, while blasting Bethenny for gossiping about incriminating texts revealing her fiance, Thomas D’Agostino, kissing another woman,  days before his engagement party. Andy asked Bethenny why she chose to speak to Ramona and Carole before she confronted Luann. Luann followed by asking why she didn’t go to Dorinda, her true friend, if she needed to hash out the decision to disclose the info.

“I don’t know if she’s the person that you’re supposed to tell,” Bethenny says. “I think this brings up the concept of ‘would you want to know,’ and Luann ultimately said that she’s not the person who wants to know.”

“Of course I want to know — in a respectful way from a dear friend, who has my best interest in mind,” Luann slams back. “Not from somebody who doesn’t respect me, who called me the names that you did, and on top of that, shares it with me in front of the whole world.”

“There would have been no right way to do this,” Bethenny comments, to which Luann responds, “That’s not a girl who’s looking out for me, that’s a girl who has her own agenda.”

Dorinda points out that Bethenny’s actions should have reflected what was best for Luann, not giving Carole and Ramona a “front row seat,” to the information. The scene cuts with Bethenny getting up, and threatening to walk out — so “uncool!”

Join us here, starting at 9:00 pm ET, for a live reunion chat — sharpen up your snark and don’t miss it!


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