#RHOC Tamra Judge Claims Vicki Gunvalson Embellished Her ATV Crash Injuries On #WWHL

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Monday night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Tamra Judge, star of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and Lance Bass.

Since Lance is the host of Finding Prince Charming, a gay dating show, Tamra thought Andy should take a starring role. At first, Andy acted a little offended, but upon reflection, decided living in a house with thirteen hot men might be fun after all.

During tonight’s RHOC episode, Shannon Beador and Meghan Edmonds couldn’t have cared less that Vicki Gunvalson was in the hospital and all alone. Tamra was stunned when she watched how the scene played out.

“I heard about it when I got back to camp, and they told me about it. Watching it, like I can understand Shannon. She and Vicki are not in a good place…there’s a lot of bad blood there. But Meghan just went to Vicki’s birthday in Palm Desert…it’s really a thirty-minute drive. She could have just went or called and said, ‘Do you have any clothes? Do you need a ride? Do you need anything?’ So, I was a little bit shocked.”

Lance couldn’t understand why Meghan never mentioned the accident to Shannon until they were on the golf course. Tamra agreed it was weird.

Heather Dubrow had a whole lot to say about Meghan and Shannon’s lack of give a damn, and she somehow managed to make it all about herself. She claimed to have PTSD and was upset that Meghan hadn’t called to check in.

Tamra still claimed she’s changed after last season. Andy threw out some classic Tamra moments and asked how she’d handle things differently now. Such as her Cut Fitness party, where she threw Alexis Bellino out of the gym.

“Oh, I would have never thrown her out.”

And then Tamra immediately started scoffing and turned her head away to laugh.

And Jeana Keough, talking to the press about her divorce from Simon?

“I probably would have not thrown wine in her face. But I would have let her know it’s not a nice thing to do.”

Would she have told Vicki that Brooks was dodgy in a softer way? 

“I would have done that all over again.”

What about the rumors that Gretchen Rossi was cheating on her dying fiancé? Tamra smirked and said:

“I would have left that up to Jesus.”

Oh yeah, she’s changed.

Meghan tweeted into the show saying, “I never expected Tamra to talk to me like that.”

Tamra claimed she was on pain medication at the time, but does admit she was angry with Meghan’s lack of compassion.

Some viewers have pointed out that Kelly Dodd and Heather could have rented a vehicle and gone to see Vicki. Tamra called bullshit.

“Well first of all, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, they’re right there, like twenty minutes away. We’re like three hours away. And Kelly had her husband, her daughter, Heather had her son. Everybody had their families there.”

Andy asked Lance about the single guys on Finding Prince Charming. Was it a hookup shack?

“That’s one of the layers of this show. You never know what’s going to happen.”

A caller wanted to know if Lisa Vanderpump spilled any tea to Lance about #Munchhausengate.

“We don’t have conversations about Housewives when we’re together. I mean, I love the show so much, you know, I’m such a fan of the Housewives, but we keep our friendship separate.”

Vicki may have been milking her injury just a bit. Some wonder if she used it to her advantage to get back in with the other women. Tamra agreed.

“I think she was exaggerating. Only because I had a nurse on site and said, ‘As soon as she saw you hit the ground she was oh, my neck hurts.’ Prior to that she was, ‘What just happened?’”

Tamra twisted her head back and forth to show Vicki’s neck was in perfect working order.

“And they always say it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about, not the ones who are ‘Oh, oh, oh!’”

On next week’s RHOC episode, Shannon’s in-laws turn up to watch their granddaughters play in a band and take the time to justify David’s affair. Shannon is already upset because the woman tells her grandchildren that Shannon is a horrible mother. Tamra decides to stir the pot once more by telling Shannon her mother-in-law thinks she pushed David toward the affair. Naturally, Shannon starts raging, and things go left from there.

Did Tamra say she’s changed this season? Ahem!

Shannon has a hard time letting go. She still hasn’t forgiven Vicki for lying about Brooks. Tamra understood where Shannon was coming from.

“I think Shannon’s the type of person, she holds her friends really close, and when you cross her in a way, like lying about cancer, like there’s no going back.”

Tamra was back at the gym as soon as she came home from Glamis. How was that possible when her back was hurt?

“I had pre-existing injuries in my lower back from about five years ago. My L4 and L5 are bulging…so, anything that jars me it really hurts my back. I really wasn’t working out. I was just kind of going to see what I can do.”

She also defended her shoe choice.

“I have no problem walking in wedges. Wedges are the best. Heels like these? A different story.”

Andy unleashed a new game called ‘Truth or Tweet.’ If either guest couldn’t answer the question, they had to tweet something embarrassing. When Tamra couldn’t name three sexy things about Brooks, she has to tweet to Alexis, challenging her to a fitness competition. She also had to tweet that she and Eddie had sex on every piece of equipment at Cut Fitness when she refused to say which Housewife would be the most boring in the bedroom.

Tonight’s poll question asked if the viewers were on Meghan and Shannon’s side or everyone else’s. Meghan and Shannon won by a whopping 72%!

For all her protestations, Meghan was quick to apologize to Vicki. Was she sincere or being a hypocrite?


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