‘RHOC’ RECAP: Tamra Judge Confronts Meghan and Shannon Over Not Visiting Vicki In The Hospital


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We join The Real Housewives of Orange County back in Glamis for the aftermath of the dune buggy accident. Three hours later, Tamra is released from the hospital and heading back to camp. Heather updates Tamra by phone with Vicki’s status – which is they are waiting for her test results. Although accidents do happen, Tamra blames herself for the near-death experience for her and her three friends, as she should.

It’s now 3.5 hours post-accident and Shannon and David arrive at the Edmonds’ house. Meghan gives her the news…she’s pregnant! Take a look at her non-bump. My how the friendship wheel has turned on this show. Who would have ever guessed these two would be friends and enjoy a lousy game of golf together. Oh, by the way, ShannonTamra, Vicki, Kelly and Heather were all in a dune buggy rollover. Before Shannon can says WTF to Meghan, her phone rings. It’s Heather calling to tell Shannon her former best friend Vicki is all alone after being airlifted to the hospital.


Crickets can be heard chirping. There’s no response from Shannon or Meghan. Then the call is cut off. Shannon and Meghan call back and ask about Vicki’s children. Can’t they visit her? Why is this being dumped in their laps? Heather tries to explain again that Vicki is all alone in the hospital 45-minutes away. Meghan uses her handy-dandy Map Quest to chart the course for Heather and Kelly to go visit Vicki. Never mind they were just in a rollover. Good news, they are also 45 minutes from the hospital. Meghan says, “You guys should go, you’re her friends.” Ouch! That hurts more than the rollover.

Heather hangs up on Meghan, and texts her, “That was uncool.” Don’t be uncool, man! Plus Meghan can’t operate Map Quest to save her life. Glamis is over two hours away for Heather and Kelly. When Shannon tells David about Vicki’s condition, he says she should text Brooks, (okay that was funny) in the meantime David needs to search for his ball(s). Good luck, David. Why don’t you let Meghan Map Quest it for you?


Back at Glamis, Tamra arrives at camp and is moving slowly. Heather and Kelly welcome her with open arms. There is no blame. Tamra keeps having flashbacks of the what-if’s of the accident. Heather updates Tamra on the Shannon/Meghan status de resistance of Vicki.


Over dinner, Shannon, David, Meghan, and Jim question the severity of Vicki’s accident because Kelly was laughing and drinking a beer. I mean how bad can it be when someone pops open a bottle of beer? It’s the universal sign that everything’s all right. Meghan tells Shannon she texted Vicki to check on her and Vicki texted back she’s hurt and scared and sent a couple of pics.

For some reason, Shannon finds the photo of Vicki on a gurney that someone else took, offensive. Shannon’s just pissed it wasn’t sent to her. Jimmy says he just might have to get involved if Heather keeps insinuating that Meghan did something wrong by not going to the hospital. I nearly fell down laughing when I heard this. Jimmy getting involved in Meghan’s life? So funny!


Back in Glamis the girls Facetime Vicki who is wearing a neck brace. Tamra is apologetic and everyone says they love each other. After the call, Kelly tells Heather how wonderfully calm she was right after the accident and apologizes for ever thinking she was a stuck-up, uptight, pretentious snob who kicked her out of a party.


After dinner, Meghan confides to Shannon that even though she told Vicki at her birthday party at the Merv Griffin estate, she was ready to move on, Meghan really isn’t ready. Shannon and Meghan both believe Vicki is a lair, and Shannon will not drive 45 minutes to sit with a woman who faked cancer. No way. Shannon and Meghan bond over their dislike of Vicki – much like Shannon and Vicki did this time last year concerning Meghan. The wheels on the bus go round and round.


The Glamis disaster trip has finally come to an end and Heather informs Tamra she will be planning their next trip. Shannon and Meghan call Tamra to check in. Tamra gives a full recount of the scary accident. Then she informs Shannon and Meghan that Vicki had to Uber home from the hospital in a paper gown because they had to cut off her clothes and she was all alone. Tamra asks why couldn’t they put their pettiness aside for five minutes and call Vicki? Meghan stutters her excuses and Tamra tells her to go to hell. Can I get a woo-hoo!

Back in the OC, Meghan asks her daddy husband Jimmy if it would be a sign of goodwill to go visit Vicki. Jimmy says it’s asinine, out of line, and he’s out. Like he was ever in? Meghan is confused, but Jimmy’s arrogant disdain for all things Real Housewives is crystal clear.

Over at Vicki’s house the doorbell rings. Who could it be? Well, what do you know, it’s Meghan. She brings Vicki one of “their” candles because it was easy to grab from home and didn’t require she stop at a store. Meghan tries to squeeze out a few tears over Tamra’s “reckless driving” but Vicki shuts down the blame game and asks, “Why does it take a near-death accident to show compassion?” Bam!


Meghan stutters, then says it was Heather’s fault for “joking” about how Vicki was all alone. Again with the non-tears, Meghan sings, “If I could turn back time.” Vicki says she had nothing and no one at the hospital. Meghan apologizes from the bottom on her itty-bitty, tiny, little heart for letting Vicki down.

At the gym, Tamra is working out, though she probably shouldn’t be. She fears she will have to back out of the fitness competition in two weeks. Tamra doesn’t know where or when Jesus will take the wheel, but is ready to hand it over. Eddie advises Tamra to take it down a notch and gives his required one-hug per day, per their marriage agreement. Her trainer, Mia, also thinks Tamra should put off the competition, but Tamra is determined to keep trying.

Next up to visit Vicki is Heather. She tells Heather about Meghan stopping by. Heather is shocked because this is a longer trip than it would have been for Meghan to go to the hospital. Kelly and Tamra stop by. Heather informs the group that Meghan came to visit. Tamra says Meghan is going around town telling people that she was reckless, when Meghan wasn’t even there, even though it’s true. Tamra announces she is taking them to the spa next week to apologize for nearly killing them.


At a later time, Tamra and Heather meet Shannon for dinner. Shannon says how shocked she was to learn about the severity of the accident. Why Shannon? You saw the picture and knew Vicki was airlifted. The women then get into an argument over Meghan and her true evil intentions. Tamra asks Shannon if she’s mad that Vicki is now the victim. Bam! Shannon clarifies that she no longer wants to be good friends with Vicki anymore, but had she known the severity of the accident, Shannon would have gone to the hospital…the following morning. Tamra and Heather are annoyed that Shannon is not annoyed with Meghan. Heather tells the ladies it’s about to be gloves off with Meghan at tomorrow’s tete-a-tete.

Shannon is taking inventory of their furniture because the home buyer wants it all – even the chachkis? Shannon calls Vicki to see how she’s feeling, but only gets her voice mail. She leaves a message and goes back to taking inventory of their crap. Waste of time.

Heather meets Meghan for lunch. Meghan is tired and depressed and has no idea why. Could it be because Jimmy’s never around? Because Heather’s mad you didn’t visit Vicki? The hormones? Meghan has plenty of excuses to use. She tells Heather she was immature for hanging up on her. Heather is either speechless or doesn’t give a crap, it’s hard to tell because of the PTSD plaguing her. Heather tells Meghan she’s outrageous and reprehensible. Meghan tells Heather she’s theatrical and patronizing. Meghan finally says she wishes she would have been able to read between the lines and handle everything differently. It’s a back-handed apology, but Heather accepts it.


Tune in next week when the Beador girls perform in a rock band and Shannon has a meltdown and steals the show.


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