Siggy Flicker Cosigns #RHONJ Felon, Teresa Giudice’s Rejection of Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri

Posted on Sep 12 2016 - 3:48am by Terri L. Austin


The Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie, Siggy Flicker and Caroline Manzo, now of Manzo’d With Children, join Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens clubhouse tonight.

Andy starts the night by asking Siggy, ever the matchmaker, why she introduced her ex-husband to his current wife. Though he and Siggy were married for nine years, they parted on amicable terms.

“A lot of girls wanted my ex-husband, and they couldn’t understand what happened with us. And I said, ‘It’s chemistry.’ Mark Flicker and I were always meant to be friends, and not married, but thank God we got married because he gave me the best gift…Sofie Hannah Flicker and Joshua Aaron Flicker, my life.”

Tonight, on MWC, Caroline took a moment to throw shade on her ex-friend, Teresa Giudice, stating she didn’t know any celebrities, real celebrities, who’d been to jail. Ouch! After watching the clip, Siggy put her hands over her ears and screams loud enough for me to want to cover my own.

In Amy Schumer’s new book, she gives a shout out to Caroline: “I have trouble with people who maintain their mothers are perfect. Are you dating a guy who can’t make a decision without running it by his mom first? Break up with him unless his mother is Caroline Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But she is the only exception.”

Caroline said, “I’m glad she gets it.”

Tonight on RHONJ, Teresa’s cousins, Kathy and Rosie, show up at Teresa’s book signing to squash the family beef and move forward. Teresa shut down any hint of a reconciliation. Caroline has an opinion.

Kathy’s good people. Rosie’s good people. And it they’re doing it from their heart. So, I’d like Teresa to open up her heart and just understand that people make mistakes and say bad things that they don’t mean sometimes. And I think it’s time she kind of grows up and accepts them back.”

Siggy put in her two cents:

“I agree with her. I think Kathy’s great. I think Rosie’s great. But I think Teresa’s even better. Sorry. Sometimes what people don’t understand is Rosie and Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s father are brother and sister… There’s bitterness there. So, it’s generations upon generations that are not getting along, and I think right now that if Teresa says, ‘I don’t want to have a relationship with you’ you should say fine.”

Caroline pointed out that it should be for the right reason. Siggy argued:

“Listen, sometimes not everybody needs to have the right reason, and I’m sure we’re going to find out sooner or later about the right reason of why she doesn’t want a relationship. But Kathy and Rosie are not desperate. I mean, they want their family back, but you know what? They should step back, which they are, and give Teresa her space right now. She’s been through hell and back.”

Since Siggy is a relationship “expert,” Andy asks her opinion on other Housewives’ relationships.

When it comes to Dorinda Medley and John, she says:

“Relationships are like, if anyone says their relationship is perfect, they’re full of it.”

On Luann de Lesseps hitching her wagon to a man who’s dated two of her friends.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. Warren Beatty slept with everything until he met Annette Bening. Good for Luann. Go get married. Forget the haters.”

About Dolores Catania being so enmeshed with her ex-husband, Frank.

“It’s absolutely wonderful for the kids. I’m close to Mark Flicker.”

How should Ramona Singer handle the dating world in the twenty-first century?

And what about Joe Giudice drinking too much before he goes to prison — is it a strain on his marriage?

“Absolutely. It’s being scared of the unknown. I would be drinking the whole time, if I knew I was going away, too.”

Wow, that was super insightful. Now I can see why she’s the expert.

A caller wants to know how Caroline can be friends with Dolores, who is also friends with Teresa?

“I don’t own anybody. It’s anybody’s right to be friends with whoever they like to and have a relationship with whoever they like to. You come to my house, you treat me with respect. I’m going to treat you with respect. So, I don’t fault her, I don’t blame her… Teresa and I don’t get along, and that’s the way of it. Teresa would say the same thing. It doesn’t matter.”

Siggy talks about the struggles of being a new Housewife.

“It was hard for me to navigate through the relationships, because usually I’m like a lifeguard…now, I’m actually swimming with the girls. When Jacqueline fights with Teresa, because I love them so much, that really upset me deeply.”

On next week’s RHONJ, everyone gets together to talk about Teresa. Richie implies that Juicy Joe doesn’t love Teresa like he loves Kathy. Rosie has a meltdown, and Siggy watches it all, looking slightly constipated.

A caller asks if Caroline would ever consider returning to RHONJ.

“I can’t go back to what was. So, things would have to change. Relationships would have to change. It would have to be a better place to be.”

Siggy has her own take on the fight that happened in Jacqueline’s kitchen, where she and Teresa rehashed the past.

“…I see Jacqueline and Teresa having a thirteen-year friendship, and what they do is they give jabs at each other, back and forth…there’s a lot of love between the two of them. And there’s a lot of anger and hate. And where there’s love, there’s hate, there’s passion. Lucy and Ethel will be back.”

Caroline nods in agreement.

During game time, Siggy admits to being a smothering mother. She’s read her kid’s diary, listened in on phone conversations, and even set up a camera to watch the kids when she’s not there.

Caroline gives her view on Teresa and Melissa Gorga’s renewed relationship.

“I hope it’s genuine. I’m not there… You know, the fight that stopped the world, nobody ever really knew what it was… It was just so old, they forgot what it really was. I hope it’s genuine. I’m not in the mix anymore, I can’t give a real vibe, and it wouldn’t be fair of me to say…”

Siggy says: “It’s real, but who cares if it’s genuine or not?”

Andy replies that the viewing audience will care very much if it’s real.

Siggy says: “I’m saying, it’s genuine, I’ve witnessed it. At the end of the day, Teresa just got home from being away for eleven months. She needs her brother, she needs her sister-in-law, family’s back together. Everyone should just support it. Melissa and Teresa are trying really, really hard…something’s working right now.”

Caroline explains further:

“Meaning that if it started out for TV’s sake or whatever, you hope that it evolved into something genuine. There was no denying that Joe and Teresa were heartbroken over what happened…so I just hope that they find their way into truth.”

The poll question of the night asked if the viewers were on Teresa’s side or rooting for Kathy and Rosie. Kathy and Rosie won with 53%.

So, what’s your take on the family feud? Do you think Teresa gets a break because she went to jail? Or do you throw your sympathies in Kathy’s direction? Her daughter has had brain cancer, after all. And what’s your take on Siggy — a good addition or a snooze?


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  • Wishmich

    I’m a Siggy fan. I think she really has a good heart as opposed to folks like Caroline who only say they have a good heart. Everybody in the world can say hateful things, but when it’s coming from a family member, it hurts a thousand fold. Plus Tre is trying to get back to whatever is normal and send her hubby off for a few years. I think once things settle down, Tre and her cousins will work things out. Probably only to go thru the same thing again in a year or so. I really don’t care what Caroline has to say about anything or anybody. She’s a know-it-all that really should let her 30-something kids grow up.

    • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

      Teresa being the way she is will cause Kathy & Rosie to be excluded from filming, since they are support cast they get paid per appearance plus residuals which add up over time, follow the money cause it’s not about family.

  • Apple

    I am happy to move on, but Teresa likes to just pretend things never happened… like trying to get the entire cast to freeze out Melissa, Kathy, and Rosie when they joined the cast…and, of course, 42 counts of fraud. She is making nice with Melissa for some reason right now, but Kathy and Rosie are still blacklisted. People like Caroline and I have problems with that kind of behavior and we don’t support it or trust her.

    • Perturbed

      TreApe needs Melissa and her brother right now, that’s why I think she cozied up to them before Joe leaves for prison. She could probably use Kathy & Rosie in her corner too, if she weren’t such a pigheaded b*tch! I only WISH I had that much family around in my time of need! But even Melissa I seriously doubt she would’ve made amends with otherwise, except for the cameras. She wouldn’t even put her on the visitors’ list, if I remember correctly.

      • Apple

        She didn’t. Melissa and Joe spent time with Joe’s parents and their nieces and everyone got along fine when Tre was in jail…but Tre still blacklisted Melissa….and kept the drama going….and she is keeping it going with Kathy and Rosie, too. She should just be left to fend for herself. It is what she deserves.

  • MidwestMiddie

    The Felon and Jacqueline ARE NOT ……….”LUCY AND ETHEL.” NEVER WERE!
    Tell this Siggy woman to stop her blasphemy.

  • JustSayin

    I always think it’s funny how people refer to close female friends as Lucy and Ethel. I get that it’s a reference to their relationship on the show, but in real life the actresses did NOT get along.

    • Glooba!

      Yeah, I’ve heard things. Just goes to show you how professional people were back in the day. You may not like each other, but you suck it up and get the job done!
      Now, you hear about every little feud, and how everyone tries to get everybody fired over the smallest thing!

    • Viva La Diva

      They did get along, they may not have been the besties they portrayed, but their was a deep abiding love there. Lucy had Vivian on all of her subsequent shows except the last one, and Vivian surprised Lucy on a tv talk show she was a guest on. Lucy was very upset over her death and was one of the last people she spoke to.

  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    Hey Siggy, first of all Teresa is no better than anyone, she’s your TV friend and as soon filming for the season ends you can say bye bye until filming resumes. I don’t believe for one second that you can’t tell the woman is seriously depraved. To this day she plays the victim and unfortunately Bravo lets her get away with it. I would imagine from a fiduciary standpoint it makes sense to kiss Teresas ass. The whole season is about Teresa & Joe, if I were Rosie or Kathy I would have nothing to do with them, my god they are nothing more than common criminals and I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe was all mobed up because it seems he aspires to be a gangster, these people are nothing more than garbage.

  • RRRobin

    KomaKatfish & Co are just trying to get on T’s good side so they’ll get paid for filming. Rosie’s only good w/Juicy, and there’s no more Juicy. Take that snake in the grass Katfish and toss her back to sea w/Richie la Douche.