Dina Manzo Suffers Twitter Meltdown After Sister Caroline Reveals Family Feud Is Back On!

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Manzo’d With Children star, Caroline Manzo, joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens clubhouse on Sunday night and things got a little crazy. 

The drama started when Dina Manzo tweeted during the live show — not to give a nod to her sister, but to give encouragement to Siggy. “@siggyflicker gives great advice. You go, girl,” Dina posted.

Dina‘s obvious passive-aggressive shade, prompted Andy to asks if things were currently good between Caroline and DinaCaroline slowly shook her head and spilled tea about the state of her relationship with her baby sister. 

“It’s over!” The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star declared. Caroline continued, “What are you going to do? You can’t get blood out of a rock.”

Caroline, let the cat out of the bag and Dina snapped, tweeting a response, “I’m sick with the flu for seven days, and I’m not in the mood for this shit. I said one day I will snap and I might be about to.”

Caroline had no response but Dina was just getting started and blasted back with blistering tweets, exposing the bitter family fall out. 

Dina blasted Caroline for going public with their sisterly conflict.

Dina justified her apparent snub of Caroline by tweeting that Andy or a caller would have questioned the status of their sisterly relationship anyway.

Fans disagreed and were not shy in calling Dina out.


The former Mrs. Manzo then dragged her parents into the social media ugliness. Noting that, “My parents can’t be hurt anymore than they are now.”

Dina‘s fever induced delirium continued when she acknowledged a fan spilling tea about a DM (Direct Message) supposedly from Caroline  blaming Dina for their drama.

RHONJ alum, Danielle Staub, couldn’t resist the drama and tweeted, “Andy, why the double standard? Caroline Manzo, you didn’t allow anyone to be friends with me, but now…”

Caroline responded by leaning forward in her seat and staring into the camera, “Because, Danielle Staub, thanks for watching, number one. And number two, you and I did not have any kind of relationship. So, I don’t want to be around the people that are around you. So, maybe it’s my end. Twitter world, go for it.”

Danielle tweeted one more time, “Caroline, you didn’t exactly answer my question. Caroline, as usual, you say a lot of words, but you say nothing.”


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