‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Corey And Nicole Turn On Paul and Victor [Episode 38]

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Only 10 days left. With 5 houseguests still in the house (and 2 leaving this week) it’s anyone’s game! Now that Natalie’s gone, James is a “free agent.” Who will grab him first?  

Well, it seems Nicorey will make it to the end. Before you moan and groan, I’m not happy about it either. Some of the houseguests this season have spent most of the Summer in bed while others have had to fight tooth and nail to stay in the game.  

The houseguests are playing “The Big Brother Slide In Theater” HOH Comp. The houseguests have different strategies and it seems some of them are succeeding better than others. James is having a tough time staying upright. Paul tries the “butt sliding technique.” He has to use what his mom gave him. Thanks, mom!  

Luckily “The Final Four” alliance is still standing, right? Wrong. Nicorey is looking to backstab Vic/Paul because according to Nicole “They’re both threatening to our game.” Right before the eviction the braintrusts, whiny and goat boy, decide they need to start getting strategic. So, Nicorey gets off eachother long enough to plan their big move. Nicole says it’s her favorite part of the game. They’re planning to put Paul/Vic on the block if they win HOH. In a roundabout way, Corey gives James hints about their strategic 180. I guess James is ready to finally play the game. Nicorey switches alliances like we change underwear. It’s not surprising.  

After all the slipping, sliding and falling Corey wins HOH. I hear the moans and groans from superfans. Sorry guys!  

Paul/Vic still think Nicorey is loyal so they’re super stoked Corey won HOH. They believe whatever happens James is the target. They even do the “Storage Room Celebration.” Nicorey’s happy too but not for the same reason. It’s painful to watch.

Cue the sad music! James is depressed his soulmate/showmance is gone. After their epic argument, James didn’t want to leave on bad terms. Why not wake pouting Natalie up to grovel at her feet. She’s not so receptive but it’s worth a try. She’s still mad about James’ saying all those mean things. She’s the victim. Always. Don’t worry Jatalie fans, they’re deeply in love and plan to be together forever. Or at least a few months for publicity reasons.  

Can we skip Corey’s failed salt in Nicole’s water prank? He’s not a prankster like James. Nicole spits it out all over him. I’m so over these cute Nicorey segments.  

Who wants to see Corey’s HOH room? I wonder if there’s a goat waiting for him. His letter was from his sister. Nothing huge was in it. She gave him a brief home/dog update with a dash of encouragement.  

Corey’s ready for the big backstab, but Nicole’s scared. They try to come up with some good reasons (to nominate them.) Vic/Paul are a strong duo. Team up with James (who’s a weaker player) they have a better chance of making it to the end. They agree to target Victor this week and Paul next week.

Hold the phone! Nicole’s paranoia antlers go up. She needs James’ word he won’t take them off the block. In case they (Vic/Paul) got to him. Nicole feels guilty for backstabbing them. Wow, production/editing have their favourites. Corey warns they’re going to be pissed. Be prepared.  

AWKWARD! Nicole’s outside joking around with Vic/Paul. Paul believes Victor is trying to steal Nicole’s heart. He’s persistent about it. Victor uses the “jokester” (strategy) and The “physical” (strategy.) Corey seems so clueless or maybe he doesn’t care. Nicole’s heart is a comp Victor won’t be winning.  

Nicorey’s stalking James using the HOH spy cam. They hope James receives their psychic “We need to talk” messages. They stalk him through the kitchen, living room and storage room to ease Nicole’s increasing paranoia. When they get some confirmation he’s still a “free agent,” they’re relieved. When James finally makes his way up to the HOH suite, they celebrate.  

James wants to know what Nicorey’s plan is this week. Corey says, “What do you think we got planned, brah?” James says he thinks they’re going for “big fish” this week. Nicorey’s almost giddy about it. When they finally compose themselves Nicole says they want to take Victor out this week. They all agree Victor needs to go before he wins the whole enchilada.  

Downstairs Paul and Victor talk about their now defunct alliance with Nicorey. Paul asks Victor if he thinks Nicorey would screw them over. Victor doesn’t question Nicorey’s loyalties. Paul’s worried about James’ sneaky ways.  

Nicorey’s still checking out the house on the HOH Spy Cam. Corey comments how dead the house is. It’s like a ghost town. They see Paul making his way up to talk. Here we go! Nicole wants to leave all the lying up to her boytoy. She puts on music so she avoids the upcoming awkward conversation with Paul. Paul comes in and takes a seat. He asks if James is still the plan. Corey says yes. Then Paul asks who’s going up as the pawn. He even volunteers! (Again.) He’s confident. Paul thinks this week is smooth sailing.  

When Paul leaves, Nicorey worries about Paul/Victor’s behavior (when they go on the block. ) Victor’s going to be hurt. Nicole’s scared of Paul’s mind games. He’ll mentally break her down. Okay, who believes Paul/Victor are these awful villains?  

Nicole (poor baby) really wants Corey to put James/Victor up. Worst case scenario, James goes home. Corey veto’s that plan. They can beat James at any and every comp. Nicole’s worried. They’re (Paul/Victor/James) are roommates this week. She goes on to explain how she doesn’t want James out of the house. She wants to make this week comfortable. She thinks it’s smart to play both sides of the house. Corey admits Nicole is making some good points.  

Corey can’t sleep. He’s torn up about nominations. Instead of dwelling, he gets spray cleaner/brooms/mops etc and starts cleaning the house.   

The time has come. Corey has to put up 2 of his former allies. He says it’s not strategically smart to put James up. Paul feels hurt and betrayed. BUT as much as he loves Victor he plans to fight for the Veto. James doesn’t seem to understand Nicorey want to keep him (in the game) because he’s a weak player. Whatever floats your boat.  

Remember there’s a special eviction on Tuesday. Will Vic or Paul win the Veto and pull themselves off the block? Who will go home and who will win the next HOH?


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