’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: One Guy Calls His New Girlfriend ‘Big,’ Another Man Spends $70K on His Partner

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The countdown is ON — as 90 Day Fiance launches a new season. We have met the first four couples — so let the shady love stories begin! 90 — 89 — 88…….

Nicole and Azan

We catch up with Nicole, 22, who is preparing to jet to Morocco, and leap into the arms of the love of her life. Nicole is dying to hug the junk out of her fiance, because this meeting will be the first time that the couple meets in person. Why the trip has to be five weeks long is anyone’s guess. She drops her toddler daughter with her sister, who is concerned, but trying to be supportive. Her worried parents drive her at the airport, as Nicole shares that her judgement skills have a dicey history. Her parents don’t really trust her choices, and for good reason. Nicole is super naive, but just can’t wait for that first kiss from Azan. Her mom wishes that she would just come back to earth, and get real. We travel across the globe to Morocco, and meet Azan and his friend, Hamza. Azan is excited, and hopes that Nicole will love Morocco and his culture. Azan hems and haws, but indicates that he is worried about Nicole’s stature, because he has only seen a head shot on the phone. Nicole lands, and is giddy with excitement. Nicole and Azan embrace, and Azan later notes that while she’s pretty cute, he was surprised that she was “big a little bit.”  Hamza raises an eyebrow, but is optimistic for his pal. Nicole grabs onto him like she’s afraid he’s going to bolt — and Azan’s eyes begin to dart.

'90 Day Fiance' Watch Teaser for New Season


Matt and Alla

We join Matt, who shares his excitement about reuniting with his future bride, Alla, 30, who is arriving from Ukraine the next day. Alla has a seven-year-old boy named Max, who speaks no English, and Matt has three failed marriages under his belt. We meet Matt’s mom, Mery Ann, who is ecstatic about the new romance, but hyper-attached to her son. We listen to Mery Ann relationship counsel Matt, clearly a quack if you consider her child’s failed history. Matt is an emotional mama’s boy, and Alla is a stone-cold Ukrainian, but Matt is hopeful that they will weather their emotional incompatibility like champs. Matt and his mommy meet Alla and Max at the airport, and the reunion is sweet. Mery Ann is excited and anxious, hoping that daughter-in-law #4 will be the charm. Mery Ann resists knocking her “sweet angel,” aka Matt, out of the way as she tackles Alla in an embrace. Later, Matt dumps Alla into a large family gathering, where he proceeds to fill them in on how he dumped one wife to scoop up this pretty Ukrainian number. The family shoots glances at each other, as Matt relives the odd tale. Alla gives her own take, sharing with viewers that she came to America for a better life for her son. She does note that nabbing a soulmate would be a nice bonus. Matt’s brother thinks Alla is great, but is worried about his brother’s pathetic love-record. Alla is annoyed that Matt needs to share every detail with a suffocating crowd.

'90 Day Fiance' Recap: One Guy Calls His New Girlfriend 'Big,' Another Man Spends $70K on His Partner


Chantel and Pedro

Chantel has managed to live through the torturous one day delay of her tardy dreamboat, and is now headed to the airport for the second time. Her parents don’t know that she is engaged to her Dominican dream, believing that Pedro is traveling on a student visa. Chantel wants Pedro’s stay to be perfect, and is nervous. Pedro, 24, arrives and they have a passionate reunion in the airport. She blindfolds him and surprises him with their cozy love nest, and Pedro is thrilled — especially by the hot water and AC. In the Dominican Republic the comforts are few, so Pedro is obviously ready for some modern luxuries. Pedro shares that the main challenge will be to win over Chantel’s family. The couple’s heated groping is a bit much, evidently intensified by the AC. Later, Chantel has Pedro meet her girlfriends, and one of the pals is skeptical, and wonders if a green card grab is in play. She pummels Pedro  with questions, and doesn’t buy that their romance is the real deal.

'90 Day Fiance' Recap: One Guy Calls His New Girlfriend 'Big,' Another Man Spends $70K on His Partner


Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge’s segment begins with a memory refresher of his history with his Facebook love, Anfisa, a Russian Kardash-wannabe who clearly loves the camera. Anfisa, 20, is still in her prolonged adolescent tantrum over being denied the $10k purse, and Jorge has been unable to reach her. She erased his phone, and canceled his flight to Russia, so his trip is off. Jorge is still over the moon for the loon, and knows that he has to hump it to keep his high maintenance honey rolling in the dough. He finally reaches her by phone, but she isn’t sorry for wiping out his phone, and shutting him out of his email. Anfisa is a bitch on a mission, and is holding out for that bag. The diva finally caves in, and hops a flight to the states, deciding a pricey purse  isn’t worth giving up striking a sexy pose in America. She arrives and scowls out her first talking head — but promises that she is overjoyed to be able to werk-it on American soil. Jorge bought a snazzy new ride for a special welcome, but Anfisa turns up her nose, and isn’t impressed. Jorge thinks Anfisa is gorgeous and crazy — heavy on the crazy. Jorge comments that he wants everything to be just perfect for Anfisa — and she tries to not roll her eyes at his lame promises. Jorge has to call a cab for her luggage, and realizes that he has blown it big time with the cute sports car. Time to warm up that credit card!

'90 Day Fiance' Recap: One Guy Calls His New Girlfriend 'Big,' Another Man Spends $70K on His Partner

What do you think is next for these couples? Stay tuned — because the 90 Day countdown has just begun!


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