‘My Life Flashed Before My Eyes’ Kelly Dodd Reflects On Scary Buggy Crash #RHOC

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For Real Housewives of Orange County new girl, Kelly Dodd, this season has been a real trial by fire. And this week’s dramatic trip to Glamis was no exception.

“For me this week’s episode, “Shock and Roll” is all about the drive from hell in Heather’s “luxury” RV, the very scary RZR dune buggy accident, Tamra and Vicki’s injuries…”

The weekend started out well enough. Sort of.

“The bus ride to Glamis took FOREVER!!! …I have a long history of motion sickness. It’s very difficult for me to go on boats, trains, long car rides and winding roads without getting sick. Because I actually threw up twice, I clogged the toilet.”

Ewww! But once they arrived on site, things turned around.

“The campsite was awesome! Other than Heather, we each had our own campers for the weekend. Tamra gave the campsite her feminine touches… All around us dune buggies were flying by. It was like having a racetrack in your backyard.”

After a cozy night around the campfire, the ladies piled into the ATV the next morning with Tamra behind the wheel.

“The next morning when we got into the dune buggy, I felt 100% comfortable with Tamra driving. She is very experienced and I knew I would be in good hands.”

But for Kelly, it wasn’t a comfortable ride.

“As we drove, the sand was getting in my face and my mouth. I thought gross! All of a sudden I started to get claustrophobic. I loosened my helmet because I started to have anxiety. I realized that was stupid, so I tried to put on the helmet strap back on tight.”

That didn’t help. When the ATV flipped over, Kelly lost her helmet.

“My life flashed before my eyes and all I could think about was my beautiful daughter and what if I never saw her again?”

According to Kelly, the crash was even worse than it looked.

“It’s hard to tell from the footage, but the roof of the dune buggy collapsed on top of Heather and Tamra’s heads. The roof was extremely heavy, maybe 70 to 100 pounds. Get all that weight moving, and the force hitting them was unbelievable.”

Heather Dubrow went into action, calming the girls and getting them help.

“Heather too was instrumental in preventing further injuries. She was cool and calm under pressure and used her MTD [married to doctor] to full effect.”

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital. When Heather and Kelly arrived back at camp, Kelly popped a cold one.

Heather’s comment, whilst on the phone with Meghan about me drinking beer has a back-story. Earlier, during the RV ride I was explaining to Heather that I don’t drink beer because it immediately puts weight on me… So, she was surprised when I popped open a beer as I sat down next to her… She wasn’t judging that I was drinking after all we had just gone through.”

Whew! Glad we got that straightened up. After all that happened, I’m glad Kelly clarified her beer drinking habits.

“Back at the campsite, Heather and I decided that since Meghan and Shannon were only 15 to 30 minutes away from the hospital Vicki was life-flighted to, we would call them to let them know what happened.”

But things didn’t go the way Heather planned because Meghan didn’t give a shit about Vicki’s injuries. She had a golf game to attend, y’all!

“Despite their strained and tenuous relationship with Vicki, I fully expected that Meghan would respond like most caring adults and express concern for her… When Heather and I heard Meghan’s reaction and reluctance to go the hospital and show support for Vicki…we were beside ourselves in disbelief.”

Kelly thinks Meghan should take a dose of her own advice.

“In her blog last week, Meghan told everyone I need to be more self-aware and empathize with another person’s perspective. How absolutely ironic that when, Meghan should have shown empathy for someone, she proves that she has none!”

It seems the tables will soon be turning — with Meghan and Shannon playing defense. It will be interesting to see how this divides the group along new lines. Thoughts?


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