Heather Dubrow Says The ‘Near-Death’ ATV Crash Made Her Give Kelly Dodd ‘A Restart’

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Kelly Dodd made a noisy splash into her rookie season of The Real Housewives of Orange County — but not everyone is a fan of her mouthy antics.

Heather Dubrow was shellshocked into sobs by one of Kelly’s verbal outbursts, but is now sharing that after the Glamis Dunes accident, she made the decision to give the newbie a do-over. She dished about the dynamic yesterday, on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show.

“I mean, she seems bats*** crazy,” Jenny said of Kelly, getting the dishy talk started.

“So perfect for the show, right?” Heather laughed. “Clearly, if the ratings are any indication, she’s awesome. We’re having our biggest season ever. I think it’s interesting to throw a different dynamic into the group.”

Heather revealed that the wreck brought the duo closer, and that getting together with their children added dimension to their relationship. She also classified the traumatic accident as a “near death experience.”

“A near-death experience can really bring people together, so at this point in the season, what I will say is, I was probably of the same mind as you, and I’m giving her a restart after this accident,” Heather explained. “Because when you see someone with their kid, you see someone with that part of their life, it really humanizes someone. So I appreciate that about her, and she was very, very nice to my son.”

No one will be surprised to hear that the OC drama is far from over.

“If you think that’s happened so far is insane, this is like a train that has left the station and is not stopping, and the friendships all completely shift like two more times,” Heather revealed.

A preview for next week hints to the shifting friendships, as the women recover from the upsetting crash. Does this mean no more Fancy Pants Dubrow impressions from Kelly Dodd? Stay tuned!


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