Drugs, Misappropriating Money, Insurance Scandal! Inside ‘RHONJ’ Dolores Catania’s Ex Husband Frank’s Criminal World

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Drugs, Misappropriating Money, Insurance Fraud! Inside 'RHONJ' Dolores Catania's Ex Husband Frank's Criminal World

Real Housewives of New Jersey rookie, Dolores Catania, is one of the sleepier additions to the criminally tarnished Bravo franchise, but her ex-husband, Frank Catania Jr., might just be a perfect fit.

Catania was busted and charged in 1988 with possession of cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, pleading guilty to the crime in 1989. Catania was sentenced to three years probation, in April of 1990. He was ordered to submit to urine testing, an outpatient drug rehab program and a suspension of his driver’s license for six months. He was also required to pay $1,080 in fines and late fees.

Catania was admitted to practice law in the State of New Jersey in 1991 and graduated from the University of Delaware in 1986.

This reality side player’s sketchy background doesn’t end there.

In September of 2014, Catania was charged in a complaint by the state Office of Attorney Ethics with knowingly misappropriating a client’s money in his private practice. The city prosecutor of Hackensack was accused of “failing to safeguard client funds,” and the complaint alleged that he “failed to promptly deliver” money that was owed to his client. Catania denied the allegations, claiming that he had permission to move then replace the funds from his client’s real estate escrow account.

The complaint was filed on February 18, 2014, and points to accounts that Catania managed in his private practice in 2010 and 2011.

Court documents reveal that Catania represented Patricia Amorosi during the 2010 purchase of a Toms River property. In order to secure the riverfront real estate, Amorosi was required to keep $190,000 in escrow, as a condition of a deed issued by the New Jersey Tidelands Resource Council. In December of 2010, Catania allegedly moved $15k from the account to his business bank account, Cattino Fitness Corp, then within the same month, moved another $10k, and used it to pay legal fees to the law firm of Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith and Davis.

Catania states in court documents that he returned the funds — $15k in March 2011, and $10k in September 2011 — claiming that he simply forgot to put the money back sooner. He defended himself in court documents (read exclusive court documents below), noting that moving the money was not illegal, that he had permission, and that there was no harm done. 

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Catania fell under scrutiny again in 2014, after it was discovered that he and his family were granted health benefits, even though his job was part time. This information became public, shortly after his hiring. Catania’s friend and business partner, former interim City Manager, Anthony Rottino, denied approving the benefits as did his his predecessor, Stephen Lo Iacono.

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Drugs, Misappropriating Money, Insurance Fraud! Inside 'RHONJ' Dolores Catania's Ex Husband Frank's Criminal World

A phone call to the New Jersey office of Attorney Ethics confirmed that the case is currently in the hearing stage.



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