‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Who Was Evicted & HoH Winner & Jury House Drama [Episode 37]

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: Who Was Evicted & HoH Winner & Jury House Drama [Episode 37]

The Summer is winding down. With only a few weeks left, the houseguests have to really think about their game moves. One showmance is ending, the final four alliance is going strong and James is up for grabs?

The tension is high for Jatalie. America wonders, “Will it last?” James is torn between the girl he cares about and 500k. Natalie isn’t done with the guilt trip. James just stands there like a big statue taking in her wrath. His motto: “It is what it is.” Cut the tension with a butter knife. Natalie doesn’t bother with James’ feelings. She wants to look cute if this is in fact her last week.

Nicole and Corey control the votes this week. Nicole wants to check in with her alliance before the live show. She doesn’t want to do anything to rock the boat. The Final Four (minus Vic who’s prob sleeping) meet in the backyard to discuss the Jatalie situation. Nicorey doesn’t want to send James packing. Paul says he dropped the truth bomb on poor James. (About Natalie’s apology.) Paul downplays the conversation but Nicole’s paranoia goes on red alert.

Victor/James are playing pool in the backyard. Natalie is clearly pissed off because she ignores James completely when she walks by. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Victor asked if they’re arguing. James responds with, “always.” Victor tries to be the sympathetic ear James needs but James doesn’t say anything else. The pool game ends and Victor heads into the house leaving Natalie/James in the backyard alone.

James wants to know what’s crawled up Natalie’s butt. Natalie acts like nothing is bothering her but it’s obvious to James something’s wrong. I mean, they’ve been attached at the damn hip all Summer and now she’s cold as ice. Natalie’s obviously throwing a fit because she’s going home. She’s totally checked out on her “friendship/showmance” with James. Natalie feels like she’s “literally in a nightmare right now.”

Corey lends James his sympathetic ear because James is down in the dumps. He says Natalie’s convinced she’s going home and she blames him. Natalie blames him for being on the block in the first place and trusting Nicorey. Corey sees this “sympathy for James” as more of a game move. Now that Natalie’s leaving he sees the opportunity  to hook back up with James. He could be useful.

Corey finds Nicole and fills her in on his conversation with James. He says James is down in the dumps and Natalie blames him (for trusting Nicorey.) He calls Natalie a brat and wonders why James isn’t seeing what everyone else is. Nicole says his head isn’t in the game right now. He (James) feels guilty. Corey says they need to reel James in. He wants to make sure James won’t put them on the block (if he wins HOH.) James would be nuts to put them up. Nicole’s already thinking about abandoning “The Final Four” and taking a shot at Vic/Paul.

Natalie/James have a huge fight at bedtime. James wants to sleep with Natalie, but she wants to sleep alone. She says she can’t wait for Thursday. She can’t wait to go to jury. She can’t wait to meet Julie. According to James, her true colors are coming out. He says he heard she threw him under the bus. He’s questioning her real motives. Was she using him? They have a day left, is this how she wants to go out? Natalie must have chronic heartburn because everytime something emotional happens her chest/heart start hurting.

The other houseguests hear the fighting and want to know what the heck happened. James says he just let her have it. He’s done. He was willing to give up 500k for her. He’s appalled she’s treating him this way. Hallelujah James is waking up from his love coma.

Jeff/Jordan are expecting their first baby! Of course we have to check in with the fan favorites! Jordan gives us a brief update. “The cliff notes version.” Early this year they went to Mexico. Jordan got pregnant. Instead of a big wedding, they ran off to the courthouse and got hitched. Their first baby boy is due in six weeks. They’re still arguing over names.

Julie segways the conversation into game talk. Jeff may be a tad biased. He’s had more than the obvious scripted interviews with them. Both are surprised three duos have made it this far. Julie asks them to predict winners. They predict either Paul/Victor will win the grand prize. Oddly enough, they don’t want Nicorey to make it to the end.

My favorite part of live show nights is the jury house segment. They’re scripted but sometimes they can be rather explosive. (As we saw with the Paulie’s entry.) We start with Zakiyah who’s now on speaking terms with Paulie. According to Da’vonne, Paulie/Zakiyah are in their own little world where Da’vonne/Bridgette no longer exist. Zakiyah follows Paulie around like a puppy dog? Shocker! Big Meech comes flying in the house like a little firecracker! They’re all bummed Michelle’s the newest juror. The video starts with the HOH wall comp. They actually show James throwing the comp to Nicole. Michelle adds some colorful commentary. Yes, they show Michelle’s big “evict the snake Nicole” outburst on her way out the door.

Here they come. The lame family shoutouts and save me speeches. Natalie just thanks her family and says she had fun. James basically declares his undying love for Natalie.

The votes were unanimous. Natalie’s Summer Camp experience is over.

James walks her to the door like a gentleman. Then Natalie walks out to face the Chenbot inquisition. Natalie had no idea why James said she threw him under the bus. So, Julie filled her in with quotes. Natalie still takes zero responsibility for her sucky game. She says there could be a Jatalie outside of the house. Only time will tell, right? I’m guessing no. She’s too high maintenance for the country.

Goodbye messages went like this: Victor called her eviction revenge. Paul says he didn’t blame her innocent/ditzy act but outside of the game she seems like a good girl. Nicole apologizes and makes a face about being the last girl in the house. She says being on the block next to your best friend has to be really hard but she handled herself well. James says through thick and thin, all the fights and bickering he had a great time getting to know her. She’s a special girl.

HOH’s are VERY important this late in the game. The comp is called “Big Brother Slide In Theater.” The houseguests have to transfer the butter from their barrel across their slippery lane to the container on top of their popcorn box. The first person to fill up their container and remove their floating popcorn kernel will become the new HOH. There is a smaller container. If they fill up the small container first, a larger scooper will be released. The larger scoop can help them. It’s up to them.

Thanks to Thursday Night Football the Big Brother schedule has changed slightly. Sunday (8pm)- Find out who won HOH and who he/she nominates for eviction.  On Tuesday (8pm)- A surprise Veto/Eviction and new HOH. On Wednesday (8pm)- Tune in for another Live Eviction.  


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