‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: The POV Winner Wins Leaves Natalie and James on Chopping Block

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Big Brother

Victor and Paul made a final four alliance with Nicorey. When Victor won HOH, Jatalie was in his crosshairs. Is the target Natalie, who thought this Summer was a Summer Camp where she could hang out and flirt with boys, or James, who’s played a pretty passive game with a few exceptions?

The predictable Nomination Ceremony is adjourned. These nominations are all about revenge for Victor. He first focused his wrath on Paulie. Paulie put him on the block the first time. Then his focus turned to James. He was the deciding vote in Victor’s second eviction. Natalie doesn’t feel good about James being the target because he’s “her rock” and she can’t imagine playing the game without him. This is James’ first time on the block and boy does he hate this feeling.

Nicole wants to have “an adult conversation” with Corey. She’s wondering if she should feel guilty. Corey immediately says no. Nicole starts whining about feeling bad James is on the block because “he’s a good person.” She feels like a villain. She’s not happy he’s on the block. She’s just happy it’s not her or her showmance. Victor walks in but he doesn’t make Nicole feel any less guilty. He says, “karma’s a bitch.”

Paul’s cooking in the kitchen while Jatalie sits at the table with miserable faces. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they talk about how awesome James’ picture is. Natalie says she’s actually kissed James’ picture. James says he’s jealous. Natalie says, “It’s kind of fun being on the block together.” Paul says, “damn” and walks away.

Paul finds Victor and Nicorey in one of the bedrooms. He reports how “confident” Natalie’s feeling. He even mimics her. Victor responds with, “Oh my God.” Paul says he wishes Victor didn’t say Natalie’s a pawn. Victor says he can say one thing, but the house votes’ can say something different. Translation: Go ahead and vote her out if you want. Victor stops Paul from walking in the kitchen and going all spazztastic on Natalie.  

Another Jatalie segment. Please kill me now. James thinks if he wins the Veto, Victor won’t send Natalie home. Natalie disagrees. Natalie says they should’ve stayed loyal to Paul/Vic. Nicorey was an easy target. James takes the blame. He says he was blinded. Natalie knew she should’ve trusted them (Nicorey.) She thinks Nicole set them up to be the next target. She should’ve put her foot down. Natalie isn’t going to let James live that down anytime soon. She goes on and on about it. James has no idea what else to say except, “I’m sorry.” Natalie calls it “The Ultimate Betrayal.”

Natalie randomly asks Corey if Victor has more orange juice. She leaves to go find out. It’s just a reason to go up and “clear the air” with Paul/Victor. Natalie walks in and announces it’s her last week. Paul/Vic go Woooah there! Are you psychic? She starts apologizing and puts the betrayal on James’ shoulders. Vic/Paul’s facial expressions were so epic. At the end of Natalie’s rant/partial apology, Vic/Paul say thank you. Paul sees right through Natalie’s “innocent/ditzy” game.

Downstairs Nicole notices there’s already orange juice in the refrigerator. Nicole’s paranoia starts going rampant. She says, “Dude she’s jumping ship already.”  

Natalie’s rant/apology ends and she leaves. Paul and Victor can’t believe she threw her ride or die under the bus. Paul gives Nicorey the bat signal to come up to the HOH suite for a chat. Once up there, they give Nicorey the 411 on the Natalie apology. Send Natalie home?

Downstairs, Natalie wakes James up and gives him half truths about her chat with Vic/Paul. She continues to make James feel like crap. It’s clear. Natalie was trying to save her own butt. James takes all the blame for keeping Corey. He “went rogue.” It’s all his fault she’s on the block. He promises to make it right.  

Only 6 houseguests left so everyone plays in the veto. Victor comes out of the DR and announces it’s time to play! One player at a time will be called to the backyard. Shameless plug, MacGyver is back.  The Veto Comp is called “Take a crack at being Mac.” This comp will require them to use their brains and resourceful ways. This comp takes place in an industrial complex. They have to find a way to escape three different rooms. The player to escape in the shortest time wins the Veto. The winner will also win a trip for 2 to the MacGyver in Atlanta for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of all the action.

Natalie calls this “The most important Veto of the Summer.” She’s on the block with her “soulmate James.” In order to possibly save them both, one of them needs to win the POV.

They receive their orders through an earpiece transmission. The first room requires them to find a tool to open a manhole cover. The manwhole leads to the next room. The second room requires them to find the key and open the door. First, fill the well with water. Then retrieve the key. The door leads to the third room. They have to put “vetoniums” on a plank and launch it into the “evictide solution.” But they can’t touch the ” vetoniums” directly. The blast will open the third door. Natalie calls the blast “so scary.”

Natalie finishes in 9:06. Corey beat her time finishing in 6:14. Corey won the POV.

“The Final Four” alliance waits till Jatalie leaves. Then they start celebrating! They talk about how Natalie was gloating without gloating. She was saying how she wasn’t that smart. She got lucky. Corey’s obviously not going to use it.

Natalie and James talk about how she killed the comp. She got second place. She’s worried it’s obvious she’s good at comps and they’re going to switch and target her. James is ready to throw himself on his sword and save Natalie.

After a few minutes of celebrating, “The Final Four” sit down to really discuss the Natalie issue. Paul says both of them suck. That’s a lot of help. They start weighing the pros/cons about Jatalie. Vic’s pissed because he knows they’re right. Natalie’s the bigger threat. Food for thought, I guess.

Corey tries to give James some subtle hints he might be staying. He says, “have fun and relax. Let the week play out.” Corey’s doing this for 2 reasons: He feels bad his friend’s on the block and if Natalie goes he can reel James back in and use him. James asks Corey to vote him out. How chivalrous of him. Corey looks more clueless than normal about James’ request.

Natalie is convinced Nicorey will vote her out this week. It’s her gut feeling. (More like DR Influence.) Nicorey doesn’t trust her. She interrogates James. Did he  throw the POV? Does James have a final 3 deal with Nicorey? He says no. She says If he sticks with Nicole/Corey if he stays, she’ll never talk to him again. True colors always show when you’re under stress. Red flag! Natalie’s not the innocent/sweet girl you think she is. Run!

Vic/Paul are debating what’s best for their game. Vic thinks James may go after Nicorey if he stays. They never betrayed him. (James) If Natalie goes, James will be a free agent. They rather Nicorey go on the block. To accomplish this, they want to earn some trust. So, they fill James in on Natalie’s “apology.” James is shocked. No idea why because Natalie isn’t the nicest houseguest. It cuts James deep. He has to think, is Natalie worth 500k?

Goatboy Corey calls the houseguests to the POV Ceremony. He lets the nominees make brief speeches. Then he chose not to use the POV.

Vic says they haven’t decided who to send packing yet. Corey says they’re (Nicorey) are sitting pretty. Natalie continues to blame James for her downfall. Newsflash Natalie: It’s YOUR fault and YOUR actions. Stop blaming James!

Only a few weeks left! Find out who’s the next to go on Thursday night!


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