‘It Snows More In New York’ Bethenny Frankel Exposes #RHONY Cast Cocaine Use On #WWHL!

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of New York lightening rod, Bethenny Frankel, and Housewives superfan, Michael Rapaport, joined host, Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. Of course all talk was of the RHONY reunion.

Bethenny and Luann de Lesseps were clearly at odds and have spent the reunion sniping at each other. Was there anything Bethenny didn’t get a chance to say to Luann?

“I really do think her despicable, tragic behavior speaks for itself. I think kind of coming in to get the stench off of you and attacking someone else was just a complete falsehood was so blindside…I was sick that day. I had strep. I had a one hundred-and two fever… I felt like someone came in with a two by four. …when someone says that I’m cheating or that I’m with someone who’s cheating and it could affect their entire family and flush through a whole press cycle…I’m going to shut it down… I’ve thought about how over the years I’ve been upset with people, I’m not even upset with her. It’s just sort of like expected at this point. I’m never surprised by Luann’s behavior being in the toilet bowl.”

Michael gave his take on the season, starting with Luann’s reaction to Tom’s cheating.

“Yo, the dude was cheating on tape. I’m concerned about this situation.”

And Jules’ divorce:

“I feel bad. Listen, they have kids. It’s not fun and games. I saw it coming, though, because it’s like where are you at all the time? Why are you always taking showers in the middle of the night?”

So, whose side is Michael on: Team Sonja/Ramona or Team Luann/Tom?

“It’s hard to turn against Ramona or Sonja because I feel like they’re both sweet. Ramona and Sonja are my girls. I love them. They’re like little puppies.”

The cocaine accusations toward Dorinda Medley?

“Yo, it’s real. Like I didn’t know they still did coke. Is it like the 70s at Studio 54?”

Bethenny said, “It snows a lot more in New York than any other Housewives city. Trust and believe.”

Next, Michael turned to Bethenny, and with Andy’s approval, grilled her on this season. He goes right to the cell phone stunt from part one of the reunion. Did she have that planned?

“In the moment… We were talking about Ramona and Sonja and her vagina and I don’t know what. Inside, I’m thinking oh my God. This is going to go through a whole question mark news cycle, and I have to shut this down. What am I going to do? And so in the moment…you see me in a lot of the reunion, texting, thinking what am I going to do. Then I just decided, you know what? And it could have gone wrong… I took a risk. I was not going to let that despicable human being take me down.”

Did Bethenny feel like she took things too far in the reunion? And did she feel like everyone was coming for her at once?

“Listen, I got muddied and bloodied this season. Several people did come for my business. I’m very confident in my business, but by the same token, I started from the bottom, and now I’m here. And if anyone comes for me, I’m going to go back at you. Did I feel people were coming for me? No, I’m not a victim in any way. …if I’m in a car talking about someone’s home to a friend, I do it honestly… We do things that people wouldn’t always love, and that’s why I sometimes look like crap on the show. And that’s real.”

Does Bethenny think her fight with Luann could have turned physical at the reunion?

“I said to Andy, if I didn’t have a business, I would have grabbed Luann by the throat. I wouldn’t have minded strangling her.”

Did Tom’s cheating scandal get John off the hook? Bethenny shared her opinion.

“I think John is like beloved now. John gave us a lot of content. Honestly, I think I should send him a fruit basket… It was interesting that Luann never mentioned, ‘Oh, God. My guy cheated.’ It was me. I’m terrible. Shoot the messenger. What did I really do? I didn’t know what to do. And I would do it again.”

Luann tweeted into the show, saying Bethenny could dish it but not take it. Jules tweeted her defense of hiring a potty trainer and her portrayal of Jews everywhere.

Bethenny stands by her comments about Jules.

“I think that saying your kids don’t have to go to school, they just want your money anyway is a very sort of negative thing…that I think doesn’t represent being a Jewish woman in New York at a private school… I think making fun of Shabbat on Friday and drinking Kool-Aid and take a cracker and that she said she’s going to hell because of shellfish and stuck her hands in the ice…you’re not going to hell. People tell me the Jewish culture is very forgiving about things like that. I thought it was a joke… She talks a lot about money, and she doesn’t have any. And I just think that it was really in poor taste. And I stand by what I’ve said the whole entire season. And I get beat up, and I can take it.”

We caught a sneak peek of part three of the reunion. Andy asked why Bethenny didn’t tell Luann about the pictures. Why did she show Ramona Singer and Carole Radziwill first? Bethenny thought it brought up the whole subject of ‘would you really want to know.’ Luann wanted to be told in a respectful way. Bethenny hopped up from the sofa and tried to leave, showing her frustration with the conversation.

Bethenny claimed she hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

“Well, I had my jaw injected with Botox because I have TMG [sic], and if you look at pictures of me from like seven years ago, it’s gradually gotten smaller, to the point that I had to stop. And now it actually hurts again. My face completely changed.”

She also said her makeup artist does a trick with her false eyelashes by making the corners turn upward.

Michael had a serious beef with Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita.

“She’s vicious. Vicious… So my beef as a fan is that, you know, what are you doing? This woman just was in jail, now the husband…like leave it alone. Just chill out.”

Bethenny hasn’t yet reunited with her mother, but she says it will happen soon.

“It will happen, I think, in the fall. It has not happened yet. I’m definitely gearing up for it… It’s important.”

Andy finally acknowledged the brown sculpture sitting next to him during the reunion. It look a lot like…well, if you didn’t notice it, go check it out and get back to me.

So, what do you make of the reunion so far? Was Bethenny out of line to call into question Jules’ religion? And is her hatred for Luann rational or has she gone off the deep end?


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