Meghan Edmonds’ Heartbreak! Jim Edmonds Disinterested In Pregnancy Announcement

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Meghan King Edmonds’ baby-making adventure dragged on for weeks, but after Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the bun is officially in the oven.

Meghan was ecstatic — but from her husband, Jim, the audience had to settle for a blank look and a yawn.


Fans noticed that Meghan was the only one excited by the baby news.

Rumors about marriage trouble have aligned with Jim’s detached attitude towards his wife, and many fans believe that Meghan will eventually find herself as a single parent. Meghan poked fun at divorce rumors on Instagram — and many viewers blasted the attempt to sell a partnership that simply isn’t reflected on the show. The photo is captioned “Our marriage is in jeopardy can’t you tell?”

“so what about this picture says you guys are happy and your marriage isn’t in jeopardy? You’re hugging a dog for crying out loud! Are you trying to convince us, or yourself?”

“Well maybe your husband should re-watch the shows and see how crappy he treats you?! It may not be intentional but, it looks horrible!”

“Your marriage is in trouble girl, your dude don’t give a shit about anything that’s going on in your life with him. It’s almost hard to watch.”

“mostly not mean… It is what is shown on national TV ….it is non fiction , true and on tape… She is trying to use psychology to get in good with the people that apparently watch this show a lot! Reverse psychology really. It is just making her look so dense.”

“Why couldn’t he smile like this when he found out you were pregnant!!!”

“You expect us to believe that because you get one photo? He probably wanted to look at”

“she should go BROOKS POSTAL and do some serious digging and drive by-ing…. To see what he’s doing when he’s half a nation away and isn’t GoLFING. And when she was being inspector gadget all over brooks… Her husband must have been in heaven living in a different state etc. she has got to know something is not right!!! And when she’s alone with a baby as she is now she may think more on it all…. She thinks that when the baby is born he will be there more…… And that is truly sad because she honestly thinks he will change when the baby is here and he will only book more T times!!! She is doesn’t have the life experience he does. He has it like he wants it…. She thinks it should be like when your 20 something and it really was true love….. After 3 divorces it’s not true love……”

Meghan asked for it, because fans who have witnessed her one-note IVF storyline know that Jim would rather be golfing, than by his wife’s side. It’s also relevant to point out that Jim seems to find time for filmed social events and parties, but no time for icky medical procedure vigils.

What do you think? A marriage in trouble — or a pregnant paradise? 


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