‘RHONY’ Dorinda Medley Calls Sonja Morgan’s Cocaine Use Allegations ‘Hilarious’ — LIVE Reunion Chat!

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Dorinda Medley_RHONY

Dorinda Medley is firing return shots at her Real Housewives of New York co-star, Sonja Morgan, but the Bravoleb isn’t flinching. Sonja backed up Bethenny Frankel’s aired assertions that Dorinda and boyfriend, John Mahdessian, use drugs — and Dorinda is lashing back.    

“I’m not here to ruin people’s lives,” Bethenny said, nervous about the drugs topic. “I’m not here to f**k with people.”

“Why are you insinuating that you know I do drugs?” Dorinda asked. “That’s a horrible thing.”

That’s when Sonja chimed in, backing Bethenny’s allegation. Dorinda adamantly denied it, noting that she lives with her 22-year-old daughter, Hannah.

ET caught up with Dorinda at her home in the Berkshires, where she reiterated her stand.

“Listen, I think it’s hilarious,” Dorinda said. “I think poor Sonja’s trying to be relevant … The truth is, I didn’t film with her at all this season. I think I had one scene and I don’t really see Sonja all season. So, you know, she’s just trying to be relevant.”

“Poor Sonja had to run with something,” Dorinda continued. “What does she have? I mean, consider the source. You know?”

“[John and I have] never again gone out with Sonja,Dorinda added. “I don’t know anything about her life. I never knew Sonja before the show, either … I’d heard of Sonja. I heard about her years of dating wealthy men and her antics, but we don’t know each other.”

ET got the other side of the ongoing debate, snagging a response from Sonja Morgan, at her home in Manhattan.

“That’s not a denial,” Sonja said in response to Dorinda’s comments. “That’s ‘check the source.’ That’s called deflection … My response is, everyone knows Dorinda does drugs.”

Sonja was frozen out of a large chunk of the season after ticking off Bethenny Frankel, when it was revealed that she signed on to partner with the Tipsy Girl brand.

Do you think Dorinda is an undercover drug user, or is Sonja just working to make up for lost camera time?

The reunion continues, tonight at 9:00 pm ET.


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