‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Slam Tyler Baltierra Over Twitter Rant Attacking MTV: ‘I’m A Pawn For Ratings’

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Tyler Baltierra is a proud MTV star, but not necessarily a grateful one. The Teen Mom OG star took to Twitter earlier today, bashing MTV with the  classic “bad edit” gripe.

Tyler was recently slammed for a filmed egotistical tantrum, which was revealed during last week’s episode. Tyler shaded his birth daughter’s adoptive parents, claiming some imaginary “right” to blast his relinquished daughter’s private biz all over MTV. Tyler now appears to be inadvertently blaming the network for the backlash. The social media whining began when his wife, Catelynn Lowell, revealed that her face was edited into an unimportant scene, during last night’s episode.

Rather than speaking to his wife directly—Tyler made an attention grab and responded on Twitter.

A fan of the show asked the big question, one which the MTV personality had plenty of free time to answer.

Fans unleashed on Tyler—stating the obvious, and then some.






Tyler then boasted about his reality star “job,” and pointed to his hard earned MTV paychecks. A few fans clarified the obvious future concern.




Tyler keeps repelling fans, by both his self-righteous behavior on the show, and his overblown reality star ego. MTV has created another monster.


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