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Hypocrite! Cheated-On Wife Ramona Singer Supports Bethenny Frankel’s Mistress Role

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Ramona Singer has operated as little more than a side character, during her eighth season on The Real Housewives of New York.

The colorful star of the show was demoted, nudged out by the kicked-upstairs chatterbox, Bethenny Frankel. Ramona’s spot on the Bravo reunion sofa, smack in between Bethenny and her faithful boy-wonder, Carole Radziwill, echoes her season. Ramona backed Bethenny without fail — likely with filming grabs in her eyes. She stoked Bethenny’s fire, co-signed her opinions, harmonized her jabs, and even sold out her former bestie, Sonja Morgan, to stay in the spotlight.

Ramona’s claim to fame this season was her scant history with Luann’s fiancee, Thomas D’Agostino. This lukewarm revelation was blown up into the Bravo stratosphere — eagerly inhaled, swirled and spewed by the new bitch in charge. It came as no surprise when Ramona lit up like a silicone Christmas tree, every time Bethenny bashed Luann during the reunion sit-down. Ramona is unequivocally and without hesitation, Team “B.”

Ramona is also all too familiar with the heartache of a sidelined wife, forced to watch her husband publicly cavort with another. While the timing surrounding Bethenny’s secret romance remains a point of contention — any discarded spouse maintaining a shred of empathy, would sympathize with the wife of Bethenny’s lover. No matter when the canoodling began, Ramona and Jill Shields were both left behind, by men primed to launch new love affairs.

In her memoir, Life On The Ramona Coaster, Ramona wrote,

“The stress of everything became unmanageable, and it began to wreak havoc on my mind, body and spirit. There were times when I was so low that I almost felt like throwing myself in front of a subway train.”

But now Ramona tirelessly excuses, defends and cheers the “other woman?”

In April of 2015, Ramona wrote in her blog about the shift in her 22-year  marriage.

“I was so fortunate that for 22 years Mario was a great husband and partner, however things did change during the last two years. He went outside of the marriage, instead of communicating to me what the problems he felt were.”

Viewers may have forgotten that Ramona scrapped with a seething  Bethenny during the Season 7 reunion — after repeating a rumor accusing the booze mogul of being unfaithful to her first husband, Peter Sussman. 

What a difference one threat and a couple pounds of fake hair make!

Ramona evidently chose to join the reality queen of “nasty,” or Bethenny jumped on the Ramonacoaster — take your pick.

During last week’s reunion episode, Ramona excitedly chimed in, while  Bethenny stammered out the timeline of her relationship with Shields. Ramona then beamed when Bethenny slammed Luann, labeling the unmarried Countess “a complete whore.”

Ramona also rambled during the season about Luann breaking “Girl Code,” and cosigned Bethenny’s rant about Luann “stealing” men away from their women. Bethenny not only got a pass when she revealed her hidden  romance — she received Ramona’s support.

“Having your husband betray you is the worst feeling in the world, and I wish it on no one,” Ramona wrote in an August 2014 blog. Ramona also gave an interview to People that same month and said, “Mario’s behavior is embarrassing to me and my daughter. I’m not some pushover. I’m a strong, successful woman. I need someone who is going to treat me with love and respect.”

I wonder how Ramona would feel if Kasey Dexter used her “phone a friend” to call her daughter Avery? If that fishy reunion phone call was the real deal — Jill Shields would know the answer.


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