‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Victor Seeks Revenge As James & Natalie Clamber [Episode 35]

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Michelle’s “egg-xit” was full of fun. But was it a blindside? What’s Jatalie’s next move now that Nicorey betrayed their showmance alliance? Win HOH, of course!

The houseguests are in the middle of the “Poached Egg” HOH comp. I could throw some “yoks” in here but Nicole took care of that for us. Or should I say production fed her the jokes. “You guys probably thought these eggs would go over easy.” “This comp looks egg-hausting.” Lame! Paul rather be stuck in his chicken coup for 5-hours straight than listen to Nicole’s “yoks.”

The final four (Vic/Paul/Nicorey) are working those eggs hard because they want to take a shot at Jatalie. The big hands are having a harder time with the eggs.

Flashback to right before the live eviction. Jatalie finds out the plan isn’t to evict Paul. Michelle didn’t campaign all week and it hurt her big time. Nicorey is in a pickle. Nicole and Corey blame eachother (for the decision to evict Michelle.)  Corey’s “down for whatever.” Nicole says Michelle didn’t talk to her all week, so along with Corey, they decided to send her packing. Why they were shocked, I have no idea. Nicorey isn’t known for honoring alliances.

Natalie tries to give Michelle a heads up. Michelle is baffled Nicorey wants to keep a strong duo like Vic/Paul in the house. Michelle confronts Nicorey. In tears, she whines about not campaigning. She can blame Jatalie for that one, right?

Back to the HOH comp, James wants to win because he feels “super betrayed” by Nicorey. Their showmance alliance is toast. James put his captain obvious hat on, again. Natalie works her little hands to the bone. She’s the first “Team Jatalie” member to knock down a letter. She was so excited. She feels like she won HOH already.

Victor gets his egg all ready to roll down the pivot board but misses the targets. He has to “zen” himself. Then, he starts over. 23 minutes into the comp Victor finally knocks down the “O” in “HOH.”  

The houseguests are working hard, but eagles come down from the sky to crush their eggs. Natalie whines about how hard the comp is and how the eagles make the comp so much harder!

Paul’s just over the comp. It’s impossible.  It took forever for Paul to get an egg over the chicken coup. Then he breaks like 23 eggs before he finally gets to go for a letter!

Corey who goes for the “have” bucket before actually competing to win HOH. That didn’t make Nicole very happy. It makes them look more comfortable and you can never be too comfortable.  

Natalie, Corey, and Victor tie with 2 letters each. The person who gets that final “H” down wins HOH. Then DING! Victor wins HOH. That means “The Final Four” alliance stays in power. Worst case scenario for James and best case for Nicorey.

Victor wonders into the HN room to have a little solo victory party that turns into a “Final Four” victory party. Next step: balls to the wall veto win.”

James and Natalie aren’t in the celebrating mood. They look like someone ran over their cat. They’re so bummed Victor won HOH. They know they’re going to be on the block together.

The Final Four meet. Nicole was so worried. They agree Natalie is good at comps. Nicole says, “She pulls out weird wins.” Paul says, “Once you take James away from her, she will crumble. And I will get in her head all week.” Once Nicole leaves, the bromancing begins. Paul and Corey think it’s great to be a part of something.

Paul thinks Michelle went out dirty. She duck-napped Pablo! Then she threw him into the audience. Pablo and Paul had some good times. Cue the sad goodbye music. Paul gives Pablo a special goodbye message. (Like Pablo was a player.)  Pablo was the best inflatable pal that a boy could ask for. He hopes Pablo is floating in a pool of paradise somewhere out there.

But wait! Paul and Victor aren’t done celebrating yet. Victor needs a few Storage Room pats on the back for his good work. Paul has aligned with a number of people to keep himself safe but Victor has always been his true ally. They have a F2. The named their alliance “The Sitting Ducks.” Been targeted from day one and still alive.

Paul, Victor, and Corey love to tease Nicole. They’re bored they start asking her about going to school in her hometown, Ubly. Nicole’s graduating class had a grand total of 64 people. They have classrooms with only 2-4 kids. Then the teasing begins. “Time for recess. You go play by yourself.” They talk about Nicole’s 10-year reunion with only one person. You get the point. It was cute.

Natalie and James aren’t celebrating or Partaking in the roast of Nicole’s hometown. Natalie’s still salty about their final four with Nicorey going south. They betrayed Vic/Paul. Now they teamed up with Nicorey. Natalie blames James for putting them in this mess. James says, “You can’t cry over spilled milk now.” Natalie then beats herself up for not winning the HOH. I’m playing the smallest violin for them because they’re saying goodbye like someone’s dying. James thinks he’s the target but Natalie says if she wins the Veto, she’s using it on him. She says James thinks nice guys finish last and she doesn’t want him to think that way. James says he’s already won. (He means he won her heart.) Ready to vomit? Natalie doesn’t know how to play the game without her Jamesy. She’ll feel so alone. Then she adds her signature, “I’m scccareeed.” On day like 79, James says “It’s time to start playing Big brother.” Too little too late.

A little bedtime fun for the houseguests. Oh. My. God. Corey sleep talking about Harry Potter? So funny. Meanwhile, James/Natalie discuss what kind of guys Natalie dates. James is the first Asian guy she’s ever dated. She’s dated ugly guys and cute guys. Anyone believe that? Didn’t think so.

Nicorey time again? Nicole doesn’t think it was genius to go for the “have” bucket first during the HOH comp. They disagree on this topic. Anyway, it scared the crap out of Nicole. She has to explain to Corey why making that move was a bad idea. She says if your butt is on the line you don’t care if you’re a have not. It showed how comfortable Corey is which is a big no-no. Corey does feel comfortable now that they solidified their alliance with Vic/Paul. Putting them up would be the biggest backstab ever. Nicole is worried James will tell Paul/Vic about their showmance alliance. They need to permanently plant themseves in the HOH suite.

Nicole’s fears are confirmed when James goes up to the HOH suite to save Natalie and throw Nicorey under the bus. I have no idea why James thinks Natalie’s worth 500k, but whatever.

James’ revelation means nothing. Nicorey denies it (horribly) but Victor says it just shows Jatalie’s disloyalty. They made an alliance with Nicorey when they were supposed to be loyal to Vic/Paul. Nicorey has showed more loyalty. They kept Vic/Paul safe and gave Victor the 5k bribe.

Natalie is “sick to her stomach” James threw his game away for her. She can’t play the game without him. It just comes out whine whine whine whine, I’m scaaared, whine, whine.

Victor says it’s time for the nomination ceremony. So the final 6 sit at the table and get ready for the lackluster nominations. Natalie/James are nominated. No surprise. Victor says Natalie’s a pawn and James is the target.

Natalie continues whining about not being able to play the game without her “Jamesey.” She says it’s depressing. Nicole is excited Victor stayed loyal to their “Final Four” alliance. Victor wants to evict the person who evicted him the second time. James blames himself. He wants to go by “Texas Code.” You do something wrong, make it right. He promises to use the Veto on her.

Tune in Wednesday to find out who wins the POV and if it’ll be used to save Natalie or James.

Did you know there will be an “Online BB” starting soon? New houseguests, new experience, less edited? 


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