Dorinda Medley Blasts Carole Radziwill For Cosigning ‘RHONY’ Mean Girl Bethenny Frankel

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All About the Tea_Dorinda Medley Blasts Carole Radziwill For Cosigning RHONY Mean Girl Bethenny Frankel

Dorinda Medley is putting Carole Radziwill on blast, for behavior that has had Real Housewives of New York viewers buzzing all season.

Carole has spent all of Season 8 attached to Bethenny Frankel’s hip, cosigning the cast bully in gratingly perfect harmony.

In a preview clip for the second part of the reunion, Dorinda reveals that she was hurt when Carole nodded to a vibe in her Berkshires home, while discussing one of Bethenny’s vicious outbursts. The mention of Dorinda’s late husband’s belongings hit a sensitive nerve — especially because Dorinda and Carole share a common bond as widows.

“I would never mention your late husband!” Dorinda says.

Carole apologizes, and Bethenny butts in to try to clarify the context of Carole’s comment. Dorinda shuts Bethenny down, then shares more about her her reaction, when she heard Carole’s insensitive remark.

“I called up Jules crying — I can’t believe she’s mentioning my late husband,” Dorinda reveals.

Dorinda also wrote in her blog about her disappointment in her relationship with Carole.

“Looking back, I’m sad that our friendship didn’t progress positively and fruitfully this year; I really thought it would. I find Carole witty, funny, caring, and the right kind of interesting. Sadly, this year saw the group split in two, and we sat on opposing sides of a Cold War — I stood by my friends, and she stood by hers — but… we’ll always have London.”

Dorinda is more to-the-point during the reunion, blasting Carole for resisting a relationship with the entire cast — with the exception of Bethenny.

“I thought we did too,” Carole said in response to Dorinda remarking that she thought that they shared a friendship. “For some reason this season, it was a complete 180.”

“Because you had no interest in being with anyone other than Bethenny,Dorinda fires back. “The only other time you were with any of us, was when Bethenny was there. We had no chance to develop a relationship.”

Carole tries to plead her case, but Dorinda is simply articulating the obvious dynamic that viewers have been witnessing all season.

Carole’s storyline this season was sold as one revolving around writing a pretend cookbook, with her grubby vegan boyfriend. Carole’s revealed narrative did little more than echo and validate Bethenny’s every move, opinion, argument, and defense.

Dorinda is right — and the fans know it! Tell us what you think.


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