Kelly Dodd Slams Heather Dubrow For Taking No Responsibility & Never Apologizing! #RHOC

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Kelly Dodd still views herself as a victim. To some extent, yes. She was most likely set up by Shannon Beador at her 70s party. (I think Shannon got more than she bargained for with that ploy.) But Kelly’s debut season on the Real Housewives of Orange County has been explosive. But hey, she apologized, right? What more do the other women want? Why are they being so mean?!

“It seems all I do is fight, defend myself and then apologize for doing so. This week, I apologize to Heather when we were having dinner at the Deck in Laguna Beach. As usual, the offending party takes no responsibility for their actions and offers no apology to me.”

Was Heather Dubrow wrong to try and eject Kelly from the restaurant? Yep. Miss Fancy Pants thinks she controls the universe. But still, I don’t know that an apology was warranted. Kelly went off the rails that night. You could see her ratcheting up, her face becoming mottled red as the steam built. If this were the first time she blew up, maybe they could overlook it. But it seems like a pattern with Kelly.

“…I wholeheartedly apologized to all in my blog two weeks ago… Shannon’s shenanigans at the 70s party seems to have been quickly forgiven… In reality, Shannon’s attempt to smear me was the cause of all of my craziness. Regardless, I am moving on.”

Kelly places some of the blame on Tamra Judge. And she’s not wrong. Tamra keeps the drama stirred up by constantly yapping her big mouth.

“I love how Tamra questions if I ever think before I speak, then later admits to doing the same thing. The many faces of Tamra Judge…collaborator, instigator, facilitator, peacemaker, preacher, forgiver,  friend… Gotta love Teflon Tamra!”

And now, onto the Vicki Gunvalson’s birthday weekend.

Vicki surprising Briana with a homecoming for Ryan was the highlight of the weekend. Tamra was a hoot to hang out with. She makes me laugh… a lot. It was also nice of Meghan to stop by.”

Fortunately, Kelly kept her cool. For the most part.

“The only point where there was any controversy was when Tamra stated Heather’s concerns regarding my language and behavior around kids… Of course, this was outlandish and unfounded. If truth be told, Heather curses at least as much as I do.”

Outlandish? Unfounded? Not exactly. But you keep doing you, Kelly. And make sure you have an apology handy, because you’ll need it.

As she closes her blog, Kelly takes another swipe at Heather.

“…I have to mention Heather and Terry’s “date night.” It was subtle, but Heather was explaining to Terry how I imitated her, then you see her drinking champagne, just as I had acted out. Too funny. I don’t know about you, but Heather’s constant nagging that Terry works too much is wearing on me.”

Are you giving Kelly a pass or are you holding her feet to the fire? Tell us what you think.


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