Embarrassing! Heather Dubrow Promotes Product That May Increase Cancer Risk On ‘The Doctors’

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Heather Dubrow appeared on The Doctors today, to give her take on “the hippest, hottest, and newest products people are talking about.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is hawking her and husband Terry’s “Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig” shtick hard, but refused to share any details,  minus the price of their book. The book, Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Present the Only Guide You’ll Need to the Best Anti-Aging Treatments, is set to be released this fall. Heather shows off a repeat photo of the couple enjoying a “vaginal/anal steam,” but stays mum, when a member of the panel asks a generic question.

“How was that?” asks Dr. Jennifer Berman, to which Heather responds, “Well, you’re going to have to read the book.”

Heather reviews a couple of products, tagging them with her “hippest, hottest and newest in health, wellness and beauty” stamp—beginning with a product called “Breast Gum.” She describes the plant based estrogen product as one which will allow you to maintain your breast size, throughout weight loss.

Dr. Berman appears unimpressed, and comments that women who have breast cancer concerns should be careful with the product.

“Women with breast cancer, or women at risk for breast cancer should be  careful about taking these,” said Dr. Berman.

Heather confirms that even “non-hormonal” products should be consumed with caution, but then brushes off Dr. Berman’s warning.

“Ok, so if you’re at risk for that, let’s not chew this,” Heather quips.

“If you are not at risk for that, I’m going to tell you something,” Heather continues. I had nice full natural D breasts, before I had four children who sucked the life out of them. I thought ‘well I’m just going to try it,’ thinking ‘that’s such nonsense.’ I’ll tell you, I had my wisdom teeth pulled out, and I lost some weight, and as we all know as ladies, when you lose weight, it deflates. I lost a bunch of weight, but the breasts remained the same!”

The audience cheers at Heather’s testimony, but Dr. Travis Stork immediately bursts her bubble.

“I do think your [Dr. Berman’s] point though of caution with these things—you have to be very careful. Because even though it’s not technically a hormone, in your body it will end up acting that way,” Dr. Stork says. Dr. Bergen adds that how much one chews, could also pose a problem.

Heather ignores the input, quipping, “Well that’s very doctor-ey, but as a non-doctor I’m telling you, I like it.”

Heather later backs a woman who is requesting a $15k wine budget, within a child support request. Heather snarks about the “medicinal” benefits of wine, and that a hard day with the kids demands the necessity.

“I love it..on a few different levels,” Heather responds, when asked her thoughts on the pricey demand. “Maybe they’re just very expensive bottles, and if she’s used to drinking said bottles with her ex, and if that’s the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to—I feel she should have it.”

Dr. Berman, clearly not a fan, disagrees, but the audience cheers drown out her commonsense objections.

Heather Dubrow likes the finer things in life—disease concerns and middle-class budgets are simply not in her wheelhouse. The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday on Bravo.


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