‘Sonja Is Not My Friend’ Dorinda Medley’s Done With Sonja Morgan After ‘RHONY’ Reunion Drug Scandal

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Dorinda Medley Is Done With Sonja Morgan 'Sonja Is Not My Friend'

Since wrapping up this season of the Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley, has had some time to reflect on her life and her friendships with the other women. She’s come to a few conclusions.

“If this season has taught me anything, it’s that a good friend stands by her friends, no matter what. No need to bullsh– and certainly no need to cover for one and lie for another…just be real, just be you, and just be a good friend — period.”

In my opinion, Dorinda wasn’t a friend as much as she was an instigator. But Dorinda sees herself as a victim.

“Needless to say, it’s been a rocky road with some of these relationships… Maybe I’m too sensitive? Or maybe I’m just a good person who doesn’t play to the camera or the audience — I’m myself to everyone, for everyone, and in spite of everyone.”

At least her relationship with Ramona Singer is still intact. Ish.

Ramona and I managed to repair our friendship… Ramona was there for me when I needed someone to console me, guide me, advise me, hear me, yell at me, and just listen to me.”

St. Dorinda and Jules Wainstein formed a bond.

“…I’m at Jules’ beck and call through these difficult times. Jules is going through some serious heartbreak and headaches right now, struggling to keep all the moving pieces moving together.”

And of course Dorinda remains loyal to Luann de Lesseps, but the other ladies—not so much.

Carole… I’m sad that our friendship didn’t progress positively and fruitfully this year… I find Carole witty, funny, caring, and the right kind of interesting. Sadly, this year saw the group split in two, and we sat on opposing sides of a Cold War…”

Though they’re not really friends, Dorinda sees similarities between herself and Bethenny Frankel.

“…Bethenny, had several battles she was fighting and still is. Still battling demons of her former life, anxious to move it along to her next stage…which, ironically, is exactly where I found myself throughout this whole thing.”

And then there’s Sonja Morgan, who’s in her own special category.

“Let’s talk about Sonja, shall we? I’d like to touch on the friendship (or lack thereof) with Lady Morgan. As you all saw, I barely saw her this past year. Barely spoke with her, barely saw her, barely remembered she was around…”

Considering Sonja was getting paid by the scene, and Bethenny had iced her out, it’s little wonder Sonja was MIA most of the season.

“…I didn’t know her before I started meeting all the girls last year. I knew OF her because her reputation precedes her, but I had no personal connection with her before we sat down for our first lunch last season. I know nothing of her day-to-day life, and she definitely has no idea about mine…”

Apparently, Sonja knows a little something about Dorinda’s hobbies.

“I didn’t have much to do with her this year, and it seems the only one who did was Luann because she needed a place to stay… I was blindsided to hear she was STILL so angry about not coming up to Blue Stone Manor for our one night in the Berkshires… STILL.”

Dorinda is not backing down. Sonja wasn’t welcome at her Christmas party.

“I stand by that decision. It wasn’t because of anyone else — it was because I didn’t want her to be decimated, because I knew a LOT of people had a LOT of issues with her… Can you imagine how much worse it would’ve been had Lady Morgan lamented the loss of her latest lover before the Countess and her Executioner?”

And just in case Sonja is still confused about the status of their friendship:

Sonja is not my friend, she never has been, and by the looks of it, never will be. She’d rather make up stories in her head than make the effort, and I’ve got a real life going on, not an imaginary one.”

Ouch. But may I point out that when Sonja stated that Dorinda does drugs, even good friend, Luann, didn’t come to her defense. That says a lot, I think.

Dorinda is the only one who is still on good terms with Luann. Despite Tom asking her to lie for him. (What kind of person does that?!)

“That was really a kick in the gut for me, to see Lu’s relationship struggles get exposed like that and her pain air around the world… I stood by her because I know how important and priceless it is to have someone by your side… That’s what a friend does — a true friend. Right?”

Sometimes a true friend tells you when you’re making a terrible mistake. I guess Dorinda isn’t that kind of friend. So, what did you think of Dorinda this season. Was she a good friend to the women or a pot stirrer? Can you be both at the same time?


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