‘Little Women LA’ Star Christy Gibel Fires Back At Costars Harsh Pill-Popping Claims

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Little Women- LA Star Christy Gibel Fires Back At Costars Harsh Pill-Popping Claims

Cruel allegations are being thrown at Little Women: LA star, Christy McGinity Gibel, by other cast members without any proof. Cast members are accusing Christy of a pill-popping relapse and Christy is fighting back!

On Wednesday night’s episode of LWLA, costars Briana Renee and Terra Jole, accused Christy of letting her prior demons get the best of her again. Christy admittedly has struggled with alcoholism in the past, but the reality star claims she have been clean and sober for six years.

“I think Christy is taking pills, because she’s completely changed,” Briana said about Christy at her housewarming/baby name reveal party. “She looks like she’s worn out, but at the same time, she’s wired. She’s not the Christy I knew!”

Terra jumped on the slam-bandwagon and suggested that Christy was taking Adderall, and claiming it was ibuprofen. Christy says this is just an attempt by her castmates to stir up trouble.

“They know what buttons to push,” Christy revealed to RadarOnline. “They know making false accusations would get me riled up, because I’m so excited and happy about my sobriety.” Adding that, “It hurts that they would stoop to that level.”

The hurt feelings didn’t stop there. Christy’s mom watched the show and “lost” it after the accusations were leveled.

“My mom watches the show, and she lost her s***,” Christy explained. “It was really bad. She knows how much how my sobriety means to me. It upset me that it upset my mom more than anything.”

However, Briana got one thing right, Christy is feeling “worn out” though it’s not from pill-popping, it’s over daughter Autumn’s health struggles.

“My daughter’s been in the hospital four times in the past month,” she revealed, adding that Autumn suffers from thyroid problems in addition to her ruptured cyst. “I’m extremely tired.”

But don’t think Christy is going to take this treatment from her costars. She retaliates in an upcoming episode by introducing the girls to the transgender model Matt has been sexting with.

“If you poke the bear so many times,” Christy said, “mama bear is going to say something!”

The two former best friends, Briana and Christy, had a falling out after Christy told Briana’s family she had been hospitalized earlier in her pregnancy even though Briana had asked Christy to not contact her family.


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