‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Live Eviction and HoH [Episode 34]

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: Live Eviction and HoH [Episode 34]

Welcome to another live eviction episode. Chenbot (and production) are totally setting this episode up as The mastermind Nicole episode. She won HOH, POV and there’s a possibility Nicole will be making the tie breaking vote. She has all the power and the other houseguests are minions.

The Veto Meeting Concludes. Both sides of the house think they have Nicorey in their corner. So, where are her loyalties?

Michelle’s not surprised Nicole didn’t use the veto. She knows she has Jatalie’s votes. Victor will be voting for Paul and Corey will vote how Nicole tells him to. So, Corey could be the deciding vote? How depressing. Paul says Nicole not using the veto speaks volumes. If she wanted Paul/Victor out, she would’ve taken Michelle off the block and put Victor up right next to him. (Ensuring one of them goes.) Corey’s still hanging onto the 5k bribe. He can use it to ensure Michelle goes home but he has to use it before the next HOH Comp.

Nicole finds Victor in the bathroom. He asks how she’s doing. She says everything will turn out ok. Then she asks Victor if he was scared she was going to put him on the block. Victor says no way Jose! He trusts Nicorey. Nicole kept the nominations the same because she wants to hang onto that life raft and float in the middle for a bit longer. They hug it out.

Paul continues acting like he’s all bummed out over Nicole’s nomination. He’s laying around with Michelle commiserating. He acts like he has no idea what’s going on. Michelle hates being in the dark. Natalie walks in and adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. Michelle calls Nicole’s HOH “the most boringest ever.” She challenges Nicole to come down from her throne and mingle with the common folk. She calls Nicorey cowards. Little does she know…there’s a new alliance she has no idea about. James walks in with his captain obvious hat on. He confirms Jatalie won’t be sending Michelle home. Of course, Jatalie/Michelle have no idea Victor/Paul are working with tweedle dee and tweedle dumbass.

Tweedle Dumbass feels honored America (um, more like production because everyone knows “America” doesn’t make that decision) gave him the 5k bribe. He has to make a wise decision because it could cost him 500k. Corey make “wise decisions?” Who actually thinks Corey has a chance to win? Yeah, didn’t think so. James hints around. He wants Corey to give him the 5k. In exchange James will throw the next HOH comp. He has 2 secret weapons in his back pocket: Michelle/Natalie.

Tweedle Dumbass runs upstairs to fill Tweedle dee in on James’ offer. Nicole says that’s just not a smart move. She thinks it’s shady. The 2 braintrusts put their heads together. Could there be some conspiracy afoot? What if Victor plans on voting Paul out? Could he secretly be working with Jatalie?

Nicole’s getting super paranoid. Victor follows Michelle to the bathroom. It has to mean Victor has a super secret motive right? She doesn’t know what to think! For someone who has SO MUCH power, she sure is paranoid for no reason. Victor/Michelle didn’t even speak full sentences to eachother. She says she’ll be so mad if Paul goes home. She had a weird feeling when Nicole/Victor were in the bathroom. She goes on a paranoid rant. Then the dumb/dumber decide they should use the 5k to make sure Victor votes out Michelle. (And calm Nicole’s growing paranoia) One question: Why are Corey’s toenails painted?

Jatalie/Michelle think it’s awfully quiet in the HOH Suite. Natalie sends her puppy dog James to investigate. Maybe they’re just hanging out. James doesn’t investigate. Too much effort, right? He knows Michelle is staying so there’s no need. Over confident much?

Nicorey summons Paul/Victor up to the HOH Suite. Corey plans on presenting the bribe to Victor. Victor is surprised and speechless. It feels good. Paul thinks this is “mucho friendship.” Of course Victor accepts. They’re now taking a trip. A trip to final 4.

Chenbot decides it’s time to talk to the houseguests. She announces there will be no more double evictions this season. She does have a surprise for the houseguests. To celebrate their 79th day in the house BB has a surprise. The houseguests get to see video messages from their families. Paul/Victor actually cried. It’s well known both of them are mama’s boys. James called it refreshing. Finale night will be Wednesday, September 21st.

What’s behind the comeback kid’s 3x comeback? Time to visit Victor’s family back in New Orleans! Like a lot of Puerto Ricans, they love to party! Turns out (surprise, surprise) Victor’s entire family is competitive. They called Victor a fighter. Both are very proud of their son. I’d love to go party at Victor’s house. It looks like a lot of fun! Victor’s family lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. Victor and his siblings were sent back to Puerto Rico for awhile. Victor loved it. The family rebuilt and moved on.

It’s hard to follow that up, but it’s time for the live vote and eviction. BUT FIRST,(See what I did there? Hehe)  the save me speeches! Paul gave shoutouts to his family. He then talks about all the “friendship” he’s encountered in the house. He then turned to Michelle and gives her “the kiss of death.” Michelle gives her best “Big Meech Speech.” She says if they evict her, she’ll start uncontrollably balling. Then Julie/the audience will have to deal with her. She ends with blah blah blah…(because it doesn’t really matter does it?)

Time for the live voting to begin. Natalie/James voted to evict Paul. Victor/Corey voted to evict Michelle. It was a tie. You know what that means? Nicole has to be the tie breaker vote. Nicole stands up and “strategically” votes to evict Michelle. It’s official. Michelle’s evicted. Don’t worry. On the way out Michelle put Nicole on blast. And she ducknapped Pablo. Paul was pissed!

Chenbot finally gets a chance to interview the BB firecracker. Julie asks if Nicole’s decision to evict her over Paul was a mistake. She says yes because Paul/Victor will take eachother to F2 and their both mental/physical threats. Michelle talks about why she didn’t campaign very much. (A Grand total of 2 hours total.) She blamed Jatalie.

The houseguests left Michelle some great goodbye messages. Paul enjoyed Michelle’s truth bombs. Michelle started crying. She whined about not getting to see Natalie’s goodbye message.

It’s time to find out who will hold the power this week. This comp is called “Poached Eggs” and here’s how it works: The houseguests will reach through and maneuver their egg up their chicken coop wall, across the top and back down where they can grab it.  Once they grab the egg, they have to roll it down the chicken coop ramp. They have to try and knock down three targets: HOH. First houseguest to knock down the targets wins HOH.

Tune in Sunday to find out who won HOH and who they nominated.


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