‘I Hate A Liar’ Sonja Morgan Dishes On Dorinda Medley’s Alleged Cocaine Use #RHONY

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Sonja Morgan Dishes On Dorinda Medley's Alleged Cocaine Use

Between Bethenny Frankel dominating The Real Housewives of New York reunion, and Luann de Lesseps trying to get her digs in, Sonja Morgan never had a chance to talk. But she had plenty to say. So, she takes to her blog to clear a few things up.

First, that dry cleaning cocktail party where Cray Rey got in her face.

“After seeing the dry cleaner party that went off the rails bad from soup to nuts again during the reunion, I really have to ask once again: Dorinda was protecting me from what in the Berkshires? The same drama I have been dealing with since way before her? She was not protecting me. She was dividing me from my group.”

It was clear that Dorinda Medley had only one reason to leave Sonja off the Christmas slumber party guest list: Bethenny. Throughout the season, everyone kowtowed to Bethenny. Since she was in a Tipsy Girl fight with Sonja at the time, Sonja got the ax. And she’s still upset about it.

“Friends nurture and help, we accept each other. I have accepted her as is from the beginning. She is a hot mess everywhere and at any occasion slurring her words and screaming, and I take her the way she is…I accept John the way he is since I first met him, because he is a good person… But certainly Dorinda can have me at her private home… Spiritual gangster my ass.”

Last night, Andy Cohen asked about those cocaine allegations Bethenny made toward John. Sonja let the cat out of the bag, saying Dorinda does drugs, as well.

“Nobody defended Dorinda regarding drug use and they party with her allllll the tiiiiiiime.”

But Sonja can overlook it.

“Regarding who does drugs, drinks too much at parties, is an alcoholic, speaks inappropriately when not drinking, sleeps with married men or just for sex…I don’t care. I just want to have a greeeeeaaat tiiiiiime with my friends… However, I hate a liar. Be…a downright bitch, but speak your truth. Don’t manipulate the facts and be a hypocrite, because it always comes out in the wash.”

Ouch! She’s not cutting Dorinda any slack, but she still has mad love for Lu.

“It is true Lu is the gift that keeps giving. She saves face and always behaves perfectly. Thats [sic] why I said she is the ambassador. But then she gets busted, like with the pirate on the phone, leaving the party with Harry, and now Tom with the girl… It’s her Achilles heel to be exposed contrary to her clean image she works so hard to portray.”

I think Sonja nailed it right there. Luann has tried so hard to live up to that Countess image when really, she’s a hard-drinking partier. Sonja knows a different side to Lu.

“…I saw Luann admitting to a change in Turks last season and then opening up a lot at my house when we were roommates.”

She doesn’t think Lu has been a hypocrite this season in regards to Tom. And she doesn’t appreciate Bethenny trying to slut shame Luann either.

“I think women should be able to sleep with who they want and not be judged. However, I think Bethenny’s point was that Luann had not admitted to having guys because of the pirate and Harry… I didn’t really find her duplicitous in this case and time, except for the fact it was with my guy.”

But Sonja still blames Tom for being a weasel.

“Tom knew… And he knew when he asked out my friend Ramona and told me they were just friends after I found out. (Just to find out from Ramona they were more?) Friends are honest with each other.”

Glad to see someone is throwing some blame Tom’s way. He deserves the lion’s share of it. Bethenny may have delivered the bad news with glee, but Tom was the one cheating in the first place.

Still, Sonja just wants everyone to be happy and in love.

“I hope Bethenny finds happiness with this current guy. She looks a bit smitten, and definitely Luann is head over heels or why else?  Tom better fly straight and make my girl Lu happy after all she’s been through. And the mixed emotions I’ve been through!”

What did you make of the reunion so far? I would have loved to hear more from Sonja. Maybe next week?


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