‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Nicole’s POV Power Moves! [Episode 33]

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Nicole decided to abandon her showmance alliance for Victor/Paul? Say it ain’t so! Nicole/Lurch change alliances like we change underwear. HOH Nicole, along with her showmance Lurch the Goatboy, decided to abandon Natalie/James because Paul basically blew up their game. They decided Paul/Victor will be more loyal. They made a new final four deal. Nicole isn’t ready to abandon Natalie/James all the way yet. So, Michelle became Nicorey’s target and Paul (to show trust) volunteered to go up as a pawn.

Victor was “evictored” for a second time. But the jurors got a second (or third) chance to return to the game. After a really long comp, Victor hung onto the longest and got a third chance. So, maybe he’s not so “evictorble” after all. He’s like a super villain who keeps coming back over and over.

Nicole’s “eye for an eye” nomination speech concludes. Michelle’s proud she didn’t cry for once. She quotes James’ “This isn’t my first rodeo” saying. Paul points out it’s his fifth. She does feel a little relieved she’s up against a bigger target.

After the house disperses, James finds Michelle in the have not room. James still thinks Paul’s the target. Nicole told James Paul was her target right before nominations. Michelle thinks she’s just a pawn. Nicole walks in on James/Michelle’s conversation to “check on her.” Michelle says she’s just getting ready for the Veto.

Nicole returns to her lair for some Lurch time. She wonders if Natalie’s mad at her. America (More like production) gave Corey the power to bribe another houseguest with 5K to make the game move of his choice. He wonders if he could possibly bribe the Veto winner into keeping nominations the same. They want to make Michelle’s evicted.

Paul comes in an interrupts their showmance time. He gets some pats on the back for acting shocked he was nominated. Nicole thinks they (Jatalie/Michelle) know something’s up. They move into the inevitable “What if we win veto?” conversation. Nicole probably won’t use the Veto on Paul because it compromises her position with Jatalie. She wants to keep them in her back pocket in case the whole Paul/Vic alliance goes south. The best case scenario (for Paul) is for Victor/Paul to win the veto. Paul says they (Paul/Vic) will gladly go after Jatalie next week.

The houseguests come out of lockdown to see the have not food for the week. In addition to the BB Slop the have nots are offered squid and seaweed. The have nots are Victor and Corey. They fell first in the Lochmess Monster Endurance Competition. Enjoy!

Paul takes a piece of squid and chases Natalie around the house. Natalie responds with her annoying “I’m scaaared.” Natalie responds with that everytime she wants someone to hug her. She’s the hottest thing since Pamela Anderson in her own brain.

Players for the Veto Comp are picked. Everyone except Natalie will play this week’s Veto Competition.

Michelle’s so sure she’s the target. She’s suspicious because Paul got houseguests choice and picked Corey. Corey’s supposed to be targeting Paul. It looks weird, right? James says, “I don’t know. This turkey sandwich is really good.” He’s not feeding into the conspiracy theory, I guess? Natalie jumps on Michelle’s conspiracy bandwagon. She thinks Paul is definitely working with Nicorey. He hangs out upstairs with them.  James wonders if he could be the target but Michelle doesn’t think Nicole woud ever put him on the block. James’ brain finally catches up to the conversation. He thinks it’s really weird.

The final four braintrusts like the Veto picks. Nicole wonders if Paul’s pick was sketch. Corey puts his 3 last brain cells to work. He says it makes sense. Why would Paul pick Jatalie? They would take Michelle off the block. They go over the Veto strategy one more time.

A Veto Comp perfect for Lurch. He loves Christmas! Welcome to the North Pole where the players will work for Santa’s Workshop. They will be taking inventory of three rooms. The players will be given a little time to go through and take count. The object of the game is to get three candy canes. To earn a candy cane they must answer a question with the exact or closest number. After everyone reveals their answers, the players will get a chance to “stay” or “fold.” If they stay, and their answer is the closest to the right answer, the player will receive a candy cane. If they choose to “fold” they can’t win a candy cane but they get to stick around for the next question. If they choose to “stay” and their answer is the furthest from the correct answer, the player will be eliminated. The player who gets three candy canes first, wins the Power Of Veto.

A few highlights from the comp. Lurch couldn’t think about the right answer. He was too obsessed with “The North Pole” decorations. He saves Nicole by answering “1 billion.” Nicole won the Veto. Now she has a hard choice to make but we all know she doesn’t want to use it.

Nicole/Corey discuss Corey’s “1 Billion” answer. He did it so Nicole would stay. He works “smarter not harder bruh.” Oh Lurch, you do have some brains in that head of yours. Victor comes in to celebrate because he’s happy he get’s to hang out and do nothing for the week. He trusts Nicorey 100%. Victor swears they won’t screw Nicorey over. He does warn Paul’s paranoid. (When he’s not sleeping.) Nicole won the Veto so Corey doesn’t have to use his bribe on that. They can brainstorm bigger and better ways to use it.

Victor goes downstairs to talk to Paul. Paul says he’s trying to act upset. Meanwhile upstairs, Nicole starts rethinking their new alliance with Vic/Paul. She says her parents are screaming through the TV screen “Get them out.” She says, “To be the best you have to take out the best.”

Natalie notices how distant Victor’s been. He has to be hiding something. James says last week Nicorey wanted them to vote Victor out. Sucks it ended up pushing Victor closer to them (Nicorey.) Natalie thinks they’re trying to reel Victor in because Paul’s leaving this week. They hope Nicole still plans on honoring their final four deal. They have doubts. Jatalie has Michelle. Nicorey has Victor.

Paul/Victor segment! They talk about how everyone else is cuddling and how they miss female companionship. Then they start mocking finding love online and online profiles. Pretty cute.

Michelle loses her marbles a bit. She starts crying and whining about this and that. Who knows at this point? Michelle’s a firecracker but she also whines like a three-year-old child.

Paul trusts Nicorey but he has to still try and convince Nicole to use the POV on her. It’s worth a shot right? He does his best but it makes Nicole question Paul’s loyalty.

The POV ceremony has arrived. Nicole gives the nominees a chance to plead their cases. After their half-assed speeches, Nicole chooses not to use the Veto.

Paul plans on laying low. No funny business. Nicole whines about possibly being the tie breaker.

Who will be the next juror? We’re getting down to the wire. This HOH Comp matters! That means no throwing it James!

Tune in to find out who’s evicted and who wins the next HOH!


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