12 Shady Aspects From Bethenny’s Phone Call To MARRIED Boyfriend’s Daughter At ‘RHONY’ Reunion

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Luann de Lesseps opened fire on Bethenny Frankel during last night’s installment of The Real Housewives of New York reunion. Luann blasted Bethenny for starting her romance with boyfriend, Dennis Shields, while he was still married and living in the family home. Bethenny was ready for the attack — armed with just a phone and a willing mouthpiece.

Bravo viewers were asked to accept Bethenny’s word that Dennis Shields’ daughter was vouching for her upright moral character — on national television. “Zero fu*ks” went out the window — because all of a sudden, Bethenny desperately cared what we all thought. Several problems remain — and the following are just the tip of one skinny iceberg of a story. 

1. Identity

We have no confirmation of the identity of person on the other end of the phone.

2. Timestamp on relationship

Innocent people do not need to establish “timestamps” to justify upright  lunches with friends.

3. Affair disclosure from daddy to daughter

Cheating husbands do not disclose timelines to their children about cheap step-outs with other women.

4. Pre-approval needed to be filmed 

Bethenny did not begin the call by disclosing that this was a phone call from the reunion set, or that the call was being filmed — indicating that the woman already knew.

5. The woman on the phone recited a statement

There were no pauses for questions, clarifications, details. The woman answered the call right away, and did not express a shred of surprise, nervousness, or hesitation.

6. Call appeared staged

The phone call appeared staged, and rehearsed — and even ended with an odd “I love you” — a sentiment which Bethenny was too frantic to return. 

7. Bethenny interrupts daughter

Bethenny felt free to interrupt and muddle the person’s testimony — she wasn’t even curious about what words she would use to sing her loaded new-mommy’s praises.

8. Cheating men sneak around

Cheating men sneak around — they don’t introduce their lovers to their families while covering a trashy affair.

9. The wife approved this call?

Why would Bethenny’s lover, and his soon-to-be ex, be on board with their daughter denying a cheap affair of a parent on national TV? If this call was legit — it explains much about the attraction between Shields and Bethenny.

10. Established alibi

This person knew to establish a quasi-alibi — the alleged back surgery — to thwart accusations of sneaky trysts. It’s hard to engage in a car romp with a bad back. She also claimed to be speaking for all of her siblings—all unified, like a Skinnygirl cheer squad.

11. Why not a press release instead?

If disclosure from the family was Bethenny’s strategy, why not have a spokesperson release a simple statement to the press — WHY the tasteless phone call? Why was this beyond repulsive tactic blessed by Bravo? We all know the answer to that one.

12. Orchestrated by a hypocrite

Last but not least, this stunt call was orchestrated by a woman who has proven herself to be a liar and a hypocrite. She blasts others for her own sins, and hides her true life from the cameras. Her reps DENIED the relationship for months. Bethenny hid Shields from the public, and claimed that she was enjoying “the single life,” well after the romance began. Bethenny jealously flashed a cryptic photo of an engagement ring, supposedly offered by the still-married Shields. Bethenny Frankel has already revealed her character…over and over.

The question asked was if anyone in the Shields family believed that Bethenny was screwing their dad on the down low. The bottom line is that even a flawlessly legitimate testimony proves nothing — including that Luann de Lesseps is a liar. Bethenny really needs to go back to “Zero Fu*ks” — because at least that shtick is believable. 


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