Tamra Judge Accuses Vicki Gunvalson & Kelly Dodd of Lying #RHOC

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Tamra Judge

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge decided to bury the hatchet and attend Vicki Gunvalson’s birthday party weekend. Was it because the party was being thrown on Merv Griffin’s estate? That may have had something to do with it.

“The grounds are huge with a race track, lake, and multiple houses on the property. Vicki really knows how to throw herself a party. I was a little bit nervous about going, but wanted to spend time with Vicki and try to move forward.”

While Tamra was uncertain about her relationship with Vicki, she was even more concerned about spending extended time with Kelly Dodd. And seriously, who wouldn’t be?

“Even though I left the sushi party on good terms with Kelly (after she apologized), I was a little uneasy going to palm desert because she insulted all my friends and as much as I want to like Kelly she crosses the line.”

Like when she made fun of Heather Dubrow. Don’t you know, no one mocks Miss Fancy Pants, Kelly. No one!!

“She loves to imitate people and it’s damn funny, but it’s not nice. I feel bad for laughing and don’t think Heather looks like that all. I’m sorry Heather it was not kind of me to laugh.”

Tamra finally put her foot down with Kelly.

“I did end up telling Kelly that if we wanted to remain friends she needs to stop talking badly about Heather and Shannon and she agreed.”

But should Tamra invite Kelly on her upcoming trip to Glamis? And since Tamra has been playing all sides, it made things complicated. But Tamra maintained she gossiped for a good reason.

“Being in the middle really does blow! I know I know, my big mouth puts me in the middle and I need to know when to shut my mouth. But I don’t ever want any of my friends coming back to me saying, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Tamra shared her concerns about Kelly with Vicki. Things went left from there.

“While in the kitchen I told Vicki that I talked to Kelly about my concerns with her going to Glamis. Vicki then asked me, “Is Heather going? That could be a problem.” I then explained to her that yes she was going and Heather has some concerns too… The only reason I even told her Heather had concerns is because Vicki brought it up.”

Vicki took that information and ran straight to Kelly.

“Then Vicki tells Kelly an exaggerated story about how Heather doesn’t want her to go because she will cuss in front of the kids. UGH! Then she says, “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.” She should have said, “Don’t shoot the exaggerator.”

Tamra tried to smooth things over by mediating a dinner between Heather and Kelly. No one broke bread because, you know, carbs.

“Dinner with Kelly and Heather was awkward… If they couldn’t get past sushi then Kelly was not going to be invited.”

Kelly tried to play the wounded victim, claiming to be upset when Heather tried to eject her from the restaurant.

“She told Heather that Vicki told everyone at her party that Heather didn’t want her at Glamis. Um no, that never happened. She told her in the kitchen by herself.”

Finally, Kelly apologized. Tearfully. While wearing a hat.

“I hate to see someone cry. I want to believe this is a situation where Kelly started off on the wrong foot. I have seen a kind side to Kelly and want the other girls to see it as well.”

We’ll see. So, do you think Kelly was sincere? Should Heather give Kelly a second chance?


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