Exploitation! Tyler Baltierra Uses Daughter He Gave Up For Adoption For ‘Teen Mom’ Storyline

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Tyler Baltierra Uses Daughter He Gave Up For Adoption For Teen Mom Storyline

Tyler Baltierra made a shocking proclamation, during last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG.

Brandon and Teresa Davis are backing away from the reality spotlight, and no longer want their adopted daughter on her birth parents’ MTV stage. The couple has generously allowed Tyler and Catelynn to share the adoption experience as part of their reality story.

The issue was hashed out on last night’s episode, with Tyler throwing down demands, bucking Carly’s parents wishes.

Catelynn speaks to a producer, after speaking to Teresa privately on the phone.

“She doesn’t like that every conversation has to be filmed,” Catelynn reveals. “She doesn’t like that I talk to her, and come back and talk about out conversation on the cameras. She doesn’t want it filmed, then I tell the whole world exactly what our whole conversation was about.”

Catelynn shares that she understands, and accepts Teresa’s position.

“I said that’s fine—I can respect you guys in that way,” Catelynn says. “If you don’t want me to talk about what we talk about, that’s totally fine with me. My relationship with you comes before my relationship with MTV…period. She’s basically done with filming, done with it all. I’m sure this is going to annoy Tyler.” 

Although many fans wonder what MTV reality stars do when their relevance fades, most claim alternate directions apart from their reality careers. Tyler has struggled with what career path to pursue—and evidently believes that Teen Mom 2 is his life’s work. The gig even takes precedence over a connection with his daughter. 

Catelynn was correct, and Tyler later mouthed off in protest of Carly’s parents shutting down his vanishing storyline. He discussed the issue with  his father, Butch, noting that “signing up to be on TV,” and an open adoption was probably a bad move for Brandon and Teresa.

“The problem with me though is that—this is what I do. I share my life story, and I’m sorry, but the kid that you’re raising, is a part of my story,” Tyler says. “You don’t have to be involved with it, but if you think I’m not going to talk about it, and if you don’t think I’m going to express how I feel about Carly, and you and how this relationship goes—well, sorry.”

“Unfortunately if that costs me the ultimate cost—then that’s just what it is,” Tyler shockingly claims. “There’s an ultimate consequence which I’m not naive to and I understand—is that is they can cut contact completely. Then Carly gets screwed out of getting raised not knowing us.”

Tyler plunks the disconnection blame straight on Carly’s parents, noting that he won’t have to deal with it, but that the couple will have to “look at their daughter, and look at the hurt and pain in her eyes, and explain why she’s hurting.”

Tyler dramatically ends his rant, proclaiming, “I will never silence what I have to say, or what I feel, or my opinion—it won’t happen.”

But what happens when the public no longer cares about Tyler’s opinion, or how he feels? Tyler is ready to sell out a previously claimed precious connection with his daughter, to save a reality storyline—which he asserts is “what he does.”

Tyler later complains that he doesn’t appreciate being told what to say—saying  that he can’t “live his life like that,” and that he is willing to risk his relationship with Carly. Tyler refuses to compromise, dramatically stating that he has sacrificed enough, and will not sacrifice “his voice.” Catelynn comments that she is all about Carly, and that she thinks Tyler’s attitude is selfish. 

Tyler is confusing a few years on reality TV with a lifelong career. How do you think that the drama swirling around Carly will shake out?


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