It’s War! Jacqueline Blasts ‘Jealous’ Melissa For Trying To Sabotage Her Rekindled Friendship with Teresa

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RHONJ_Jacqueline Blasts 'Jealous' Melissa For Trying To Sabotage Her Rekindled Friendship with Teresa

I thought things were going to heat up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the relaxing girls’ spa weekend is just the zen retreat these ladies needed. Either that, or they’re ingesting anti-anxiety meds along with the cucumber water.

Bravo faked us out, showing clips that made it seem as if Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice would be at each other’s throats. Not the case. Jacqueline’s apparent anger evaporates almost instantly.

“I bet you didn’t see that reconciliation coming! Like I said before, there is a lot of love and history between Teresa and me!”

Jac insists that Siggy Flicker is a blast to hang with. If you say so, Jacqueline. All I’ve seen is a hyper whirlwind who won’t stop yakking.

“I wish you could have seen the whole car ride to Crystal Springs with Siggy! We had so much fun! When you saw me shoving a big wad of gum in my mouth, it was because Sig and I had a contest of who could blow the biggest bubble with Bazooka gum!”

Oh, what a hoot. When Jacqueline arrived at the house, she ignored Teresa, then finally offered a handshake.

“That was interesting to learn that Teresa was offended by my handshake and would have preferred me to hug and/or kiss her instead. What?! I had no idea. I’ll remember that the next time I see her after we fight.”

Jac thinks Melissa Gorga is jealous of her friendship with Teresa

“There’s something I’ve been noticing since the show has been airing that I didn’t see before: It’s the look on Melissa‘s face every time Teresa or I say that we are communicating and/or doing well together… I think she was bothered by it. It may be where her animosity was coming from.”

Jacqueline wants to assure Melissa that family is…well, as thick as thieves.

Teresa‘s relationship with me is completely different than Teresa‘s relationship with Melissa. They are family… That goes without saying, and I respect that. My relationship with Teresa takes effort, because we…have a long history of closeness then had a falling out. Teresa and Melissa never had that closeness.”

Did Melissa try to put a wedge between the two former friends?

“I’m hoping that it was never Melissa‘s intention to come in between Teresa and me either. I was just focused on getting my friendship back on track with Teresa, not realizing that  Melissa was starting to feel a little threatened by my closeness with her.”

I wonder what Melissa will make of this accusation? Anyway, Jacqueline goes on to explain that she wasn’t upset the other ladies were talking about her.

“I never thought Melissa and Dolores were bad-mouthing Teresa and me. I think you could tell that in my voice and the way I addressed them. It was using my silly voice and not my angry voice. I just knew that my name, Teresa‘s name and “eggshells” were brought up, and I wanted everything out on the table.”

When Jacqueline reflected on her son, Nicholas’s, struggles, things got real.

“Sometimes it hurts to see kids that are younger than him passing him up in milestones. I just have to keep reminding myself that although Nick‘s childhood is different… Nicholas has different passions and things he enjoys doing, and he is a very happy kid.”

Jacqueline showed her emotions, and it was a very human, touching moment.

“When you saw me cry over Nicholas, it wasn’t something that I normally cry about… Chris and I celebrate so many of Nick‘s accomplishments with our friends all of the time. It’s what proud parents do! I never want my friends to feel like they can’t share their children’s accomplishments with me…. That’s why I really didn’t want them to see me crying about it.”

That scene with Jacqueline was very real. But what about her earlier fight with Teresa? Was it staged or were they really going at it? By the way they easily fell back into a friendship, as if nothing had ever happened, it made me wonder…


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