Heather Dubrow Wants To Distance Herself From Kelly Dodd #RHOC

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On the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow lives a hectic life.

She has podcasts and TV shows and decisions about hexagonal ice. Busy, busy, busy! Still, she makes time for her kids, something her husband, Terry, seems unable to do.

“The dinner with Terry…. We had just come from a meeting with our publishers and were on such a high! Ready to celebrate, so it surprised me when Terry brought up Max and the empty chair photos. This was news to me and so sad.”

Maybe Terry is working so hard because they’re building an airport-sized home?

“For all of you who think Terry is working so much to pay for the house we are building let me fill you in…yes, of course that’s partially true, but the real reason he is working so much is because he is filming two TV shows AND there’s a lot of travel involved. He says yes to everyone, except the family.”

Terry likes working. He’d rather be on TV or doling out new boobs than spend time with his kids. That much is obvious.

Now, onto Kelly “I have anger issues” Dodd. Heather insists she tried to eject Kelly from the sushi restaurant for the good of the whole.

“When I told Kelly to leave the sushi dinner I felt it would obviously end the atrocious behavior and that the rest of the people at the restaurant could perhaps salvage their evenings as well. Was it my place to tell her to leave? Maybe not.”

Heather didn’t take Kelly’s apology text seriously either.

“…when you scream the c-word and dumb f***, etc. at a restaurant…you lose the ability to discuss anyone else’s behavior or reactions… Kelly did text me the next day – I didn’t respond because I heard she was imitating me and making fun of me.”

Now, Heather wonders how Kelly will behave in front of the kids for the upcoming trip. Not an unfair question, considering Kelly likes her wine. And like some kind of boozy Hulk, whenever she drinks, her ugly side pops out.

“When I met with Tamra at Storymakery we…started talking about our upcoming Glamis trip and Tamra raised concerns about having Kelly on the trip especially with kids around and I echoed the concerns.”

Heather met up with Kelly and Tamra Judge for dinner. Tamra tried to play peacemaker — a hard job since she’s the one who starts all the trouble with her constant gossip.

“I agreed to have dinner with Kelly because Tamra asked me to. She wanted to see if it was possible to mend things. Remember – my last two encounters with Kelly were the ‘70s party and the sushi dinner. What was I supposed to think???”

Heather denies saying she didn’t Kelly around the kids. Tamra is the one who said it, and Heather merely agreed.

“…it was a longer conversation where I meant I didn’t bring it up, because Tamra had…and as I’ve said I certainly agreed with her. Kelly is showing us who she is and it’s not a pretty picture right now.”

Kelly cried and apologized again. But will it be enough to sway Heather?

“…I feel bad when Kelly is crying, and she seems remorseful… Who knows maybe it was just an aberration… Twice … Time will tell and we will have to see what happens in Glamis…”

So, do you think Kelly is truly sorry? Do you think Terry will ever come home long enough to see his kids? And why does Tamra feel the need to share every little piece of dirt with people?


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