Caroline Manzo’s Husband Hit With Third Tax Warrant

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Caroline Manzo’s Husband Hit With THIRD Tax Warrant

 Manzo’d with Children stars, Caroline and Albert Manzo have been hit with another tax bill for their Brownstone banquet hall in Paterson, NJ.

The original tax warrant was for $1,624.05 issued on May 7, 2013; however, since it went unpaid the amount is now $1,809.00. A note on the bill states that this amount is in regards to unpaid sales tax.

“Generally we’ll call the business,” the clerk told Radar. “Sometimes we’ll have representatives visit the business to try to get them on track, and then if none of that succeeds the next step is to go to a tax warrant collection process.”

The clerk’s office explained it’s not uncommon to call or bill the company several times to receive payment, but when they don’t pay up, the county has the right to become more aggressive.

“A tax warrant is basically a lien,” the clerk explained. “It gives us the authority to pursue collections actions, seize bank accounts and other financial assets as well as off-set refunds.”

As reported, The Brownstone, owes New Jersey state taxes in the amount of $208,012.77, plus $13,075 for a civil judgment and $6,132 to an elevator company for monies owed.


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