EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Links Herself with Shady Lawyer Accused of Sexual Harassment & Stealing From Clients #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans Links Herself with Lawyer Entrenched in Sexual Harassment Scandal

Jenelle Evans has linked herself to another potential winner — making the  connection during the Teen Mom 2 star’s trip to NYC for the VMAs. 

Jenelle Evans announced on social media today that she has teamed with new business partners, and that “new ideas and projects” are on the horizon. NYC attorney, Sunny Barkats proudly co-signed a budding partnership with his “new protege” on Instagram. However, there is more to Jenelle’s latest mentor than meets the eye.


The hashtags on the photo include, #cocktails #healthy #babies #hottie  #cute

The high profile legal eagle has been entrenched in a local scandal, after being accused of having sex with a 21-year old Brooklyn woman, seeking a job as a receptionist. According to the NY Daily News, Denisse Villalta is suing Barkats, a founding partner of the law firm JS Barkats PLLC, with allegations that he forced her to strip and have sex with him on two separate occasions. Barkats denied the claims of sexual harassment, but has declined to comment on whether or not sexual contact occurred.

Jenelle met with Barkats last night — and later expressed excitement on Twitter. 


The suit says that Barkats told Villalta that “she now belonged to him and that she would be required to have a threesome with him and his wife.” Court papers state that Barkats threatened and choked Villalta during a second encounter, a day later. Villalta alleges that Barkats sent her threatening text messages, including one with him holding a steak knife, when she did not return for work.

Barkats admitted to meeting Villalta, but claimed that the interview never took place. He said that the head of human resources interviewed her. He dismissed the salacious accusations last April, as he stated his resolve to clear his name. His wife, Elana, stood by him, as he denounced his accuser.  Barkats also claimed to be considering a countersuit. Villalta’s attorney, Alexander Coleman, rejected the idea.

“Any counterclaims … would only serve to increase Mr. Barkats’ already impressive liability, as it is unlawful to retaliate against an employee for filing claims of discrimination,” he said.

Jenelle Evans has a long history of linking herself to dubious characters — a lawyer who tags a professional mention with #hottie and #cute, might just fit right in.  


Additionally, in 2014 according to court documents obtained by AllAboutTheTea.Com, rap-artist Lil’ Kim aka Kimberly Denise Jones, filed a one million dollar lawsuit against Barkats and his partner, Andrew Ro. She accused her former attorney and his partner of tricking her into signing docs that landed them with close to half her earnings, stemming from name and trademark deals. Ro fired back, calling Lil’ Kim a nightmare diva, who cost his business millions. The defendants later asked for a dismissal, because the rapper had backed away from pursuing the case. 


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