David Foster’s Ex Wife Claims He Was A ‘Controlling & Jealous’ Husband From Hell

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Linda Thompson with David Foster in 2004

Prior to marrying Kris Kardashian, Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, was married to a woman by the name of Linda Thompson. After their split, Thompson found love again with David Foster, becoming his third wife. In her new memoir, Little Thing Called Life, Thompson reveals that she was trapped in a miserable marriage, suggesting that Yolanda Hadid is much better off without her “King David.”

Thompson claims that Foster was “jealous” and “controlling” during their 14-year marriage. Years earlier, when Thompson had been in a brief relationship with the real king, Elvis Presley, Foster forbid her from watching the 10th anniversary special about him or talking about him.

Thompson had agreed to be interviewed by Larry King about Elvis Presley, and Foster became irate one night at a dinner party. “F*ck you,” he told the talk show host. “How would you like me to ask you about all the women you’ve been with in front of your wife?”

David was clearly threatened by Elvis’s ghost and never wanted me to mention him,” Thompson writes in her book.

Foster even had a problem with Jenner stopping by the house to visit sons Brody and Brandon even though he knew of Jenner’s desire to transition into a woman.

She says that Foster “simply didn’t like Bruce being at the house as much as he was, even though his visits were brief.”

Thompson reveals that Foster’s views on women during their marriage were “antiquated” a fact that will surprise absolutely no one.

“At times, he had an expectation that I was there to serve and take care of him, to make beds and do housework.” Adding that during this time, Foster didn’t believe that women should have careers. “He found ambition in a woman to be unattractive.”

Thompson says that Foster wanted her to quit acting. She states that Foster said, “I don’t want you being an actress because you might have to kiss somebody, and if you do, it’s not going to work for me.”

The term “my king” wasn’t just a nickname. Thompson claims that Foster really wanted to be treated just like a king.

“He really and truly wanted to be treated like a king, not like a husband or a father, which speaks volumes about what he was like to live with, as lovable as he could be.”

After Thompson was involved in a five-car pileup in 2002, she called Foster to tell him and he said, “Well, what do you want me to do about it?” She divulges that “David’s blatant disregard for me made me feel very much alone.”

Things got so contentious during their marriage that Foster left and wouldn’t return home until his list of 15 demands were met. Two of the demands were that no one could park in his parking space and no one could sit in his throne chair.

So after all of the egomaniacal on goings, you’re probably wondering what the final straw was that made Linda want to get out of her marriage. Linda writes that it was Foster’s involvement in Brody and Brandon’s reality show, Princes of Malibu. The original plot line was the “show would center around David” and portray the boys as “spoiled brats who abused him and squandered his hard earned money.”

Foster and Thompson divorced the day after the premier, in 2005. During Foster’s first year of marriage to Yolanda, Thompson says that he apologized for his behavior during their marriage. 


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