Carole Radziwill Reveals Monogamy Is Not Important To Luann De Lesseps Amid Cheating Scandal!

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Carole Radziwill Reveals Monogamy Is Not Important To Luann De Lesseps Amid Cheating Scandal

We all know what Real Housewives of New York’s, Carole Radziwill, thinks about Luann de Lesseps forgiving her cheating fiancé. But I’ll let her break it down, point by point. I think, for once, she makes a compelling argument.

“Well, for a brief shining moment we all thought Luann would pay attention to what the Universe dropped in her lap. She’d learn the lesson, go back to New York and tell TomDickHarry to hit the road…and return to New York a confident woman who didn’t take any sh– from any man.”

This, too, was my hope for Luann. That she would be strong enough to hold out for a better man. One who doesn’t play tonsil hockey with another woman the minute she flies out of town. 

“I mean, they’d only been engaged for a week, right? No kids, no sentimental history together, no property, only one shared closet in a medium-sized apartment, and a few rounds of golf.”

A part of me wonders if Luann just wanted to save face. She’d been telling anyone who would listen that she’d found her soulmate. His cheating, especially so early in the relationship, had to be a humiliating pill to swallow. But admitting she made a colossal mistake might be worse.   

“Instead, she goes back to NY, straight to the mid-sized apartment, gets into bed, wakes up the next day and like…life hasn’t changed one bit. (Btw, she didn’t check into a hotel that night to get her thoughts together. I’m calling bullsh– on that.)”

The bottom line is that Luann doesn’t like being alone. Period.

“She freely admits to stepping out in her marriage, only after her husband did first, but still. Many women would have pulled up their boot-straps, divorced the serial philanderer and made a new life.”

I understand Luann had young kids at the time, but when your husband delivers an ultimatum about open marriage…that’s either something you can live with or it’s a deal breaker. We’re not talking about one affair here, but a lifestyle.

“…Luann is the more, if you can’t beat ‘em, join’em type. I mean, she was living with a man when she met and married the Count. Then, of course, there was the infamous “Pirates of the Caribbean: Housewives Edition.” And let’s face it, TomDickHarry was sucking face with another woman when Luann got him in her “clutches,”…”

But Luann blames the whole situation at Bethenny Frankel’s door. Not Tom’s.

“And it doesn’t matter how many times she points her finger at Bethenny for trying to  “ruin her happiness.” Or that she imagines we are huddled in secret conversations, re-casting her betrothed as a piñata. So what that we think TomDickHarry is a sad, lonely drunk; a cheater with as much personal integrity as a martini olive.”

Carole leaves Luann with one final piece of advice.

“So Luann, don’t worry what other people say about your relationship, the good news is no one can ruin your happiness but you and Tom…”

If a man can’t be faithful in the first blush of a new romance, the chance of him straying throughout the relationship is almost a given. That’s my take. What’s yours?


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