‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: A New Power Rises In The House — Nicole Sheds Her Snake Skin!

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: A New Power Rises In The House — Nicole Sheds Her Snake Skin!

Natalie/Michelle’s HOH brought mucho drama. Paul/Victor came up with an elaborate plan to save Victor and evict Corey. But James chickened out. Victor may give James a wicked case of Déjà vu! The jurors get a chance to fight their way back into the game.

We left off with the hgs/jurors up on a ledge getting water/crap thrown at them and the wall moving back and forth. The last juror standing gets another chance at the half mil. The last houseguest standing wins HOH.

The jurors feel confident they’re going to win. Da’vonne wants revenge. Victor thinks he’s unevictable. He’s confident he’s going to win his way back into the house again AND win HOH. Paulie was backstabbed by his alliance. Now he wants to return the favor.

Paul made a last-ditch effort to save Victor. Unfortunately, he blew up his own game and stirred the house up in the process. Flashback 4 hours before the eviction: Paul confronts James about their (James/Natalie’s) paranoia.

Michelle chimes in calling him a manipulator and a big baby. Maturity isn’t strong with that one. It turns into a fight about disrespect, the way Michelle talks to people and bullying. I’m not sure what awful name Paul called Michelle but she ran into the Safari Room and closed the door.

Now that Michelle’s out of the way, Paul gets back to his argument with James/Natalie. He accuses James of influencing Natalie’s decision to put him and Victor on the block. Natalie claims he just supported her decision. James threw Natalie under the BB bus. He says (in front of Corey and Nicole) Natalie wants Victor to stay. Natalie cosigns. She’s fighting to keep Victor.

The honesty is out in the open. Nicole and Corey start rethinking their four-person showmance alliance. The grossmance Nicorey wants to win HOH because they can no longer trust James/Natalie. Nicole called Natalie a liar.

No, this isn’t last week! Victor won his way back into the game. The HOH portion came down to Nicole and James. They talk about a deal. They promise not to put each other on the block. James wants to win because this is his fourth wall comp. Nicole wants to win because she wants a letter from home. Finally, James is satisfied with this deal and jumps down. Nicole wins HOH. I have a feeling Motrin will be sold out at my local pharmacy this week.

Nicole’s happy she’s not taking seventh place this year. She wants to do what’s best for her and her showmance Lurch’s game. They have to discuss. James is hoping Nicole remembers James kept Lurch and evicted Casanova Victor and he’s still loyal to their showmance alliance.

Michelle’s in the kitchen making her fifth or seventh meal of the day. She randomly says she  doesn’t think Nicorey’s going to put up Paul because they were all bosom buddies last week. Her gut is telling her Nicole’s going to put her up with Victor. She was gunning after Nicole. It is what it is. Victor listened but responds with he has no idea.

Nicole’s brushing her rats nest on her head. Her boothang Lurch asks about the deal she made with James. She says she promised she won’t put up James/Natalie. It was a mutual deal. She doesn’t know what to do. She whines about needing help. Preferably from someone with more than 3 brain cells. She says she hopes Corey gets the care package. Her target this week is Michelle. Why? I’m thinking it’s some catty girl crap because she isn’t winning any allies or comps.

Michelle asks James about the deal he made with Nicole. He says not to put them up. Michelle asks if that deal includes her. James says he can’t make deals for everyone and their grandma. Michelle totally feels betrayed. Obviously the only loyalty he has is to Natalie.

Nicole/Corey have a conversation between food smacking with Paul. She asks if he’s good with Victor. Paul says yeah they’re fine but Victor is so pissed about getting evicted. Paul’s enemy numero uno with James/Natalie/Michelle. They (Paul/Vic) need Nicole/Corey on their side. He talks about the bridge he burned with them. (He says it’s still burning.) Paul says no need to worry about them. They’re cool with Nicorey.

Natalie is clearly worried about what’s going on with Nicole. She’s really worried Nicole won’t honor the deal she made with James. She’s disappointed James didn’t stay on the wall. James throwing that comp could cost her the game. He says not to worry until it happens.

Victor/Paul/Nicorey have a little meeting in the HOH Suite. Paul lays it all out like the Godfather. He talks about loyalty and how shady Nat/James/Michelle are. It’s time to make a deal. Nicole’s worried Vic/Paul promise to work with them this week than float to Natalie/James next week. They talk about the final care package arriving and what might be inside. Paul proposes an alliance. (Paul, Vic, Corey & Nicole) They work together they can be unstoppable. Nicole’s been sketched out by Natalie/James, so maybe working with Vic/Paul may be a better option.

Corey and Nicole lay in their favorite spot (bed) to discuss their options. Corey lays out all of James’ shady deetz. Corey clearly thinks working with Paul/Victor is the best option. They think teaming up with strong players is the better option. Nicole doesn’t want Natalie on the block. She wants to send Michelle home. See if she puts Michelle up with a pawn, their deal with both (Natalie/James) and (Paul/Victor) stays intact.

The sky is falling! Oh wait, that’s just the last America’s Care Package delivery. Who’s it addressed to? Corey! He got a jockstrap, sunglasses, and candy canes. What power did America give goatboy? The BB Bribe. He can offer one hgs 5k to do what he wants them to do. (Only game related, I think) If the hg accepts the bribe they must do the action promised. If he doesn’t give the 5k away it will expire at the conclusion of the next HOH comp. Oh the opportunities. Nicole says they have the ultimate control this week. Mwhahahahaha! They have to peep out the best deal to use it on.

James isn’t worried. He doesn’t think Nicole will blindside them because he didn’t blindside Nicorey. He’s worried about Natalie going up to the HOH suite and talking to Nicole. She could say the wrong thing. Then BAM they become the target!

Time to solidify a new final 4 deal. Nicole says Michelle is the target this week. Clearly she’ll target the duos/showmances. Of course Victor/Paul support whatever Nicole wants to do. Nicole wants to keep James/Natalie satisfied so she proposes Paul go up as a pawn and he agrees. He hopes this proves he trusts Nicorey. Instead of coming up with a corny alliance name they go with Final Four. Trust needs to be proven. If Corey/Nicole don’t change loyalties like we change underwear this could the best option.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. As predicted/promised, Nicole nominates Michelle and Paul for eviction. She gives some B.S. excuse. Michelle’s proud of herself for not crying. She plans on lying low this week. James is happy Nicole stuck to the deal and didn’t nominate him or Natalie.

The POV is yet to be played and the week of wheeling and dealing is just getting started. Find out who will win the POV on Weds night!


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