‘RHOC’ Alum Peggy Tanous Is Helping Others Cope With Postpartum Depression

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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Peggy Tanous, is reflecting on her time on the hit Bravo reality show. 

The OC mom and ‘Housewife,’ described her struggles with postpartum and why she wanted to include it in the show. Peggy didn’t return for Season 7 because her “heart wasn’t in it” and to concentrate on her family.

“When I first left, I kind of just focused on the family a lot. Part of my departure was the anxiety I have and my bouts with postpartum depression and everything,” she told The Daily Dish earlier this summer. “So I felt overwhelmed, and so I took some time to just really be with my family and spend some time with the kids and that kind of thing.” 

Exciting news for Peggy! The documentary she started filming while on RHOC, “When the Bough Breaks,” is complete. For anyone who has suffered from postpartum depression, you know how debilitating this can be. Other celebrities like singer, Carnie Wilson and chef Aarti Sequeria, share their experiences as well. The project was executive produced and narrated by Brooke Shields, who bravely spoke out about this topic.

“It’s a really enlightening film that really shows people that this is a major problem, and it’s a problem that people don’t talk about it,” Peggy said. “There’s so many different levels of it, so it was really interesting to me.”

Peggy explained she didn’t know what was happening or why she was feeling overwhelmed.

“I wanted kids for my whole life, so when I did have one, it was weird, because I wasn’t super-excited,” Peggy explained. “And I thought that, ‘Oh, it’s probably just because I’m tired, and it’s probably whatever.’ But then a year later, I’m still feeling this way, and I was getting angry a lot, and I would feel overwhelmed. I had help that came in twice a week, and I remember crying and going, ‘I just need a break.'” 

Peggy hopes that after watching this film, mothers will seek help sooner.

“So it took a good year before I knew what was going on. And that’s why I hope that people can learn sooner. Like, if people can learn from this, if they can find out a lot sooner than I did, then they’re going to be a lot better off.”

Since her tenure on RHOC, Peggy has returned to modeling and has her own radio show called, Keeping it Real with Peggy Tanous.


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