Jacqueline Laurita & Teresa Giudice Have Awkward Reunion After Blowout Fight! #RHONJ

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Jacqueline Laurita_RHONJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey takes off on a girl’s trip this week — with a cast eager to bond, and ready to rally around Teresa Giudice’s freed ankle.

In a Bravo preview clip, Teresa and Jacqueline awkwardly reunite, after a heated and heavily edited couple’s night, at the Laurita home. The ladies gather, and choose their rooms — but one greeting has to be force-fed, and loudly ordered by Siggy Flicker.

“She walks in, trying to ignore me,” Teresa says. “Why did you even come?”

Teresa then snarks to Siggy, as Melissa heads down to her basement bedroom, “Maybe I’ll throw her down the stairs.”

Jacqueline? I want to introduce you to somebody!” Siggy yells. “YOU GO WAY WAY BACK — Come HERE!!”

“If Teresa is friendly with me — I’ll be friendly with her,” Jacqueline says.

Teresa snarks out a sarcastic greeting, and rejects Jacqueline’s outstretched hand.

Later on in the trip, the girls are eating, giggling and having a good time.   Jacqueline Laurita, seemingly fed up, sounds off about some sideline whispering, going on within earshot. Jacqueline calls out Melissa and Dolores, in the clip. Do you think that Jacqueline is just playing — or shutting down some sniping from the side?   

“Shut up!” Jacqueline loudly says, much to the shock of the whispering duo. “I’ve had enough of you guys whispering. I saw you at the pool — I was reading your lips.”

Join the girls trip, as RHONJ takes off — at 8 pm, ET.


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