‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 9 SPOILERS: Nick Gets Beaten Up For Stealing

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In the upcoming episode of Fear the Walking Dead titled “Los Muertos,” Nick will get into some trouble and will be beaten up by some of the survivors after he is caught stealing cupcakes.

According to the AMC sneak peek for episode 9, Alycia is seen accompanying Ofelia as the duo continue searching the hotel rooms for food, water and other supplies in the tower. Strand and Madison stay downstairs, pondering on options to survive the walkers.

In the meantime, Nick and Luciana come across a local gang who accept drugs for food and water. Unfortunately, in a moment of daredevilry, Nick tries to steal some  and got spotted by the gang members who beat him to pulp afterwards. Luciana is enraged at Nick for stealing. However, when she learns that Nick stole the cupcakes for the girl who lost her father to the Wall, she calms down. The gang intends to kill Nick, but since Nick is good with drugs, he knows one of the gang members’ sister, who is also a drug addict. Hence, with her help, Nick manages to convince the other members not to kill him.

Episode 9 will also explore the story of Alejandro and the fans will find out something unexpected about him that will surely leave them shocked. Besides, being the pharmacist and doctor in the community, it will be revealed that apparently, Alejandro is also the spiritual leader of the community.


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